Elden Ring Fan Makes Banana Controller and Beats Dragon Boss

A character in Elden Ring cuts through his enemy's armor using a giant banana.

This controller is bananas. BANANAS.
Picture: FromSoftware / Kotaku

If you’re playing Soulsborne Bingo and desperately trying to cover that hard to fill”Ring of Elden the player defeats the boss using a literal banana space”, well, I have good news for you.

YouTuber Super Louis 64always up for weird gaming challenges, uploaded a video in which he not only managed to turn a bunch of bananas into a working PlayStation 5 controller, but also used said banana controller to kill the huge Flying Dragon Agheel.

Louis created his fruit-based controller via an electronic invention kit known as Makey Makey. The Makey Makey can mimic the functions of a keyboard or controller, and allows you to attach conductive objects that can close each circuit. And you know what is conductive? Fruit. Thanks to Makey Makey, Loui was able to turn 11 bananas into Ring of Elden buttons, the main of them being the “horse banana”, the “healing banana” and the “attack banana”.

Dull people updating the Ring of Elden wiki might need to update Agheel’s page to read that he is very susceptible to banana parries, as the lanky dragon put on a shocking display of cowardice retreating into Limgrave Lake during his fight with Loam. The beleaguered lizard even had to rely on a neighbor’s hot beacon giant crab keep Loam at bay. Shameful. Unfortunately for Agheel, no one can escape a properly honed attack banana. RIP ‘n rest Agheel, you were a real one.

This isn’t the first time Louis has used the elongated bay as a controller. In the past, Louis used early iterations of his banana controller to completed dark souls 3 at a St. Jude charity event and to killjoy spartans in Halo Rangeis multiplayer. As Louis ably demonstrates, the banana is a versatile fruit that can be used for both good and evil. Of course, I’m biased because bananas cause me real physical harm because of my allergy to the dastardly fruit. It was really brave of me to write this.

Louis isn’t called the “Controller Bender” for nothing, as he’s also invented other, even wackier controller mods that don’t involve that yellow devil fruit. The leader of his past exploits uses a Ring shaped adventure joystick to play dark souls 3by modding a Yu Gi Oh! Duel Disk as controllerand dab on a Final Fantasy XIV boss using Xbox 360 Kinect camera.

If you’re looking for more banana-based gameplay and like long boi YouTube videos, be sure to check out Louis’ second channel, where he posted a two hour video of his banana escapades.


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