Dr. Teresa Brown named new Superintendent of Madison Schools


She come to Madison from Jennings county

At the July 13, 2022 board meeting, the Schools Board of Trustees approved the hiring of Dr. Teresa A. Brown as the district’s new superintendent. With more than 35 years of diverse experience leading educators at the state, district and local school levels, Brown comes to Madison from Jennings County where she most recently served as superintendent for the past five last years.

“Dr. Brown has extensive experience in all functional aspects of education and district management,” says David Storie, board chair. , but we are also confident that it will provide the leadership needed for growth opportunities, the development of existing and new programs, rekindle energy, innovation and responsibility, and further develop safety, work environments and healthy and engaging learning opportunities for anyone who chooses Madison Schools.

Prior to leading the Jennings County School District, which has 4,200 students, Dr. Brown was assistant superintendent of school improvement at the Indiana Department of Education. In this role, she gained critical experience in the areas of leadership, system development and innovation, policy and advocacy experience, finance and budgeting, collaborative relationships and of community involvement. Brown established the Outreach Division of School Improvement where staff provided grassroots support to local schools and districts to improve student achievement. She was responsible for oversight and compliance of federal and state policy implementation across eleven departments of the School Improvement Center, which included outreach, family and community engagement, grant management, learning online, college and career preparation, federal credential programs, migrant education, English Learners, early learning, district improvement, and special education.

Additionally, in her role, she created a number of systems around leadership development, designed the Indiana Priority and Priority Schools Support System, created the Student Success Plan and Community Development Network. Indiana State, and collaboratively developed the IDOE Strategic Plan for the School Improvement Division.

She has experience in policy and advocacy, including funding raised through her work on student outcomes, was appointed chair to lead the after-school learning time advisory council, led the group working on IDOE staff graduation requirements and co-authored a paper. to help school leaders: Decker, J. Brown, T. & Eckes, S. (2017). Student Substance Abuse and Dependence: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities.

Brown developed budgets and oversights, managed contracts and vendors, was responsible for securing and managing millions of dollars in federal grants, and provided technical assistance to directors and superintendents to better understand how to align school targets on federal and state grants to maximize funding and avoid excesses. deferral of funds.

Throughout his career, collaboration has been a priority, whatever his role. From collaborating with the state’s IDOE and connected departments to ensure they worked together to support school districts, to partnering with over 150 community and business partners statewide to network and provide support. at Indiana Schools, Dr. Brown is committed to finding ways to work together.

In her role as Principal at various schools, she has had the opportunity to focus on areas that have developed a skill set that will take Madison to the next level. At Thompson Crossing Elementary (Franklin Township Schools), she had the opportunity to dedicate her talents to climate and cultural development. At Bob Sikes Elementary (Okaloosa County Schools), professional development was central. Frank H. Wheeler Elementary (Speedway City Schools) focused on equity and individualized learning to close student achievement gaps. Cascade Middle School (Mill Creek Community Schools) came up with a project to build and transform from middle school to middle school. “Dr. Brown’s breadth of experience, spanning from the classroom early in his career to leadership roles in more recent positions, his cross-functionality in operational areas of the district, and his emphasis on collaboration and resource management and development were all significant factors in his selection,” Shared Story (Dr. Brown’s full resume is included at the bottom of the release).

Brown graduated from Franklin College with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education. She earned a master’s degree in educational administration (senior bachelor’s degree) from Butler University, an Ed. S. degree in educational administration (superintendent’s license) from Indiana State University, and an ED.D. in Educational Leadership with a minor in Learning Sciences from Indiana University.

“I am honored to have been chosen to lead this district,” Dr. Brown said. “I look forward to being part of a district on the move, building on the work done and creating new opportunities. We are very happy to settle in Madison and be part of this beautiful community. She and her husband Lee have two sons and a daughter. Sam is a teacher at Center Grove Middle School and Max will be starting his second year at Purdue University. Caitlin resides in Florida with their grandson, Will.



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