Diviner MetaCity Mystery box sales at 11:00 UTC, March 22


01 Presentation

Diviner MetaCity is the play-to-earn game powered by Diviner Protocol. In this game, players can recruit random NFT characters and join PvP, PvE, tournament, etc. to earn rewards. Each civilian NFT will have a random attribute/rarity, and players can upgrade their NFTs for higher rewards.

Diviner MetaCity Mystery box sales at 11:00 UTC, March 22

Join via the link: https://www.binance.com/en/nft/mystery-box/detail?number=1&productId=201345660304577536&ref=73974815

Price of each BOX: 20BUSD. This is an exclusive prize for Binance NFT, and the in-game box prize will be $50 billion. So don’t miss this chance to get more than 50% off.


Diviner MetaCity game website: https://app.diviner.finance/#/metacity
Testnet: https://dev-app.diviner.finance
Game tutorial: https://docs-metacitys.diviner.finance/how-to-play-testnet
Game demo: https://demo-metacity.diviner.finance
Game Wiki: https://docs-metacity.diviner.finance/diviner-metacity
Video trailer: https://youtu.be/4Dvmnf36U

02 Diviner MetaCity NFT Characters

The collection includes 10 Diviner MetaCity NFTs. The mystery box will contain all 10 characters, including the chef, doctor, farmer, firefighter, football player, singer, policeman, painter, magician, and officer. They will be available in 5 rarities: 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star. These NFTs can only be obtained through Binance Mystery Boxes! NFT holders can join the game to win games or stake NFTs in the Diviner ecosystem to earn DPT rewards. Additionally, users can enhance their NFTs by “combining” low-level NFTs.

More details about NFT in Diviner MetaCity game: https://docs-metacity.diviner.finance/nfts

03 Diviner NFT Features

1. PvE: Players use NFTs to join battles and earn rewards if they win. The higher the rarity, the higher the chances of winning to earn rewards. Additionally, users can upgrade their NFTs by consuming DPT, and high level can fight higher level monsters to earn higher rewards.

  1. PvP: Players can fight against each other, winners can win great rewards.
  2. NFT Staking: Users can stake NFTs to earn rewards. Higher rarity can bring higher rewards.
  3. Fusion nft (combine and burn nft to have better nft) . We allow users to combine low-level NFTs into higher-level NFTs.
  4. Plus other features!

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