Dead By Daylight Announces New Collaboration With Resident Evil: Project W


Dead by Daylight returns to Raccoon City with a new Resident Evil chapter tentatively titled Project W.

Behavior Interactive, the developers of Dead by Daylight, previously worked with Capcom to bring Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy to the game. Now, a new Resident Evil collaboration will bring two new survivors to The Fog: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers.

But with new survivors, that means a new killer and that’s none other than Albert Wesker or The Mastermind as he’s called in The Fog. Check out the first trailer below.

Ada Wong is the show’s resident super spy while Rebecca Chambers is STARS’ young rookie and doctor. Albert Wesker is a high-ranking Umbrella officer and is armed with super strength, dash ability, and the power to infect victims with the Uroboros virus which can be cured by first aid sprays strewn across the map .

Along with the new characters, Project W will add an upgraded version of the Raccoon City Police Department. The map received a comprehensive quality of life update based on player feedback, which includes splitting the police department into two separate maps based on the west and east wings.

The west wing contains the STARS office, darkroom, and records room, while the east wing contains the chief’s office, art room, rooftop, and more. There is also additional access to the front exterior section.

Dead by Daylight Project W is coming to all platforms soon. Also check out Behavior’s new game, Meet Your Maker, which was also announced during today’s live stream.

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