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Welcome to IGN’s Wiki Guide for ”’Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Dawn of Ragnarok DLC”’! This page serves as an index to help you find all of our Dawn of Ragnarok DLC guides, including a full walkthrough of each quest, locations for each collectible (Wealth, Mysteries, and Artifacts), and much more! We have guides for new mechanics, like the Hugr-Rip, as well as tips and tricks pages to make your time in Svartalheim easier! There’s a lot of new content in the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC, and we’ve done our best to help you figure it all out!

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How to Access the Dawn of Ragnarok Expansion DLC

After downloading the expansion, you will be able to access the DLC from Raventhorpe. This unlocks the Restless Dreams quest, which serves as a prelude to the Dawn of Ragnarok story. To unlock the Dawn of Ragnarok world and quests, you will need to have established Valka’s Hut in Ravensthorpe. This requires leveling the settlement to at least level three and completing the questline for A Wise Friend.

Dawn of Ragnarok Walkthrough

Our Dawn of Ragnarok walkthrough covers all of the DLC’s story quests. There are three arcs: the main Into the Fire arc, as well as The Relic arc and the Vessel of Souls arc. These last two arcs must be completed in order to fully advance the story to its conclusion.

In the fire


Side quests

Interactive map of Svartalfheim

Our interactive map of Svartalfheim shows the exact locations of every collectible and point of interest in Dawn of Ragnarok’s Svartalfheim, including Platinum Bars, Abilities, Weapons, Armor, Cosmetic Schematics, World Events and more. others!

Dawn of Ragnarok Collectibles


Svartalfheim is filled with a massive amount of collectibles and points of interest, including weapons, armor, abilities, Jotun Blights, uncut gems, distressed dwarves, mythical keepsakes, platinum bars, and more. These sections will help you find and complete them all!

Points of interest by region

First, we have a breakdown of all the riches, mysteries, and artifacts in Svartalfheim broken down by region they are found in. If you’re doing a big scan of each region to take it all in, these sections are for you!

Dawn of Ragnarok introduces five new armor sets. The sections below detail them all, including how to purify the Hreidmar armor, where to get the All-Father armor, and how to get the Jotun Mantle armor pieces.


You can find 11 new weapons in Dawn of Ragnarok, including four Atgeirs, an all-new weapon class introduced in the DLC. All weapons are listed below. For more details on these weapons, including their stats and how to get them, check out the All Dawn of Ragnarok Weapons page.

  • Atgeirs
    • Thorgrim’s Dying Breath
    • Ardent Warsong
    • The Impaler
    • Spark Muspel
  • Dane Ax – Calder’s Fury
  • Bearded Ax – Jotnar Cleaver
  • Hammer – Ivaldi Legacy
  • Dagger – Fenrir’s Incisor
  • Shield of Light – All-Father’s Guard
  • Hunter’s Bow – Eye of Aesir
  • Short Sword – Wooden Staff

The map of Svartalfheim is covered with many different points of interest. If you are looking to find all of a particular type, these sections will be of great help to you.


It wouldn’t be Assassin’s Creed Valhalla without a bunch of new unlockable cosmetics. The pages below detail all the new tattoos, hairstyles, and colony items you can unlock, as well as cosmetic program locations, and even how to unlock the Iron Boar and Clockwork Raven!

Enemies of interest

There are two new types of enemies you can encounter while exploring Svartalfheim. They each present unique challenges. We have guides on where to find them and tips for defeating them.


Other Guides

These additional guides will explain some of the new features introduced in the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC.

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