DAF opens up the future with a whole new range of trucks


DAF is the first manufacturer to create a range of trucks which takes advantage of new European regulations on masses and dimensions. First-rate quality, efficiency, safety and driver comfort come together in the game-changing next-generation DAF.

Quality by design

The new trucks feature a beautiful and efficient high-quality cabin design with 160mm front aspect ratio to enable advanced aerodynamics and safety. DAF XG and XG+ create a new premium market segment and offer 330mm of additional cabin length at the rear, providing unmatched space and comfort for the driver.

Only the best materials have been used in the new DAF. Lightweight, high-strength steel is used for the cabin structure, and premium soft-touch materials and leather are widely used throughout the interior. Energy-efficient LED lighting is used throughout the truck, with special attention to state-of-the-art low beam and high beam headlights. These include the iconic daytime running lights which make the new generation DAF recognizable in all conditions. The next-generation DAF was designed with an emphasis on Six Sigma quality and vehicles have undergone more than 20 million kilometers of functional, durability, reliability and customer testing to ensure the new trucks meet standards. rigorous quality standards from DAF.

Optimized efficiency

With its new generation of trucks, DAF achieves up to 10% more fuel efficiency and an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions. This significant achievement was achieved by using digital fluid dynamics to create a perfectly formed aerodynamically tapered cabin that features large radii, a curved windshield, excellent sealing, digital cameras instead of mirrors, and an optimized engine and a air flow under the cabin.

Market-leading vehicle efficiency is enhanced by the introduction of new PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines, intelligent exhaust aftertreatment systems, light vehicles, standard TraXon automated transmission and sophisticated driver assistance systems. The advanced DAF Connect fleet management system saves time on live software updates. And service intervals have increased to the industry’s first 200,000 kilometers or once a year.

Improved security

The new cabin design features a large windshield and large side windows with ultra-low waistlines for unparalleled direct vision. As an option, a sidewalk view window is available which, in combination with the folding passenger seat, provides an unobstructed view of pedestrians and cyclists next to the truck on the passenger side.

Also new is the DAF digital camera system which can replace the main and wide-angle mirrors. The DAF Corner View system provides a maximum view of the area around the A-pillar of the cab on the driver’s side. All vehicle lights now include Full LED technology for optimal view and visibility.
DAF’s “hands on the wheel, eyes on the road” philosophy translates into cutting-edge ergonomics. All driving functions are controlled from the steering wheel and the steering column levers. The secondary driving functions are controlled from physical switches, logically positioned on the dashboard, within easy reach of the driver.

Luxury and comfort for the driver

With the new generation XF, XG and XG+a new dimension of driver comfort is introduced. Riding position, interior space, sleeping comfort, fit and finish – everything is first class.

Drivers will be impressed with the interior space. With a volume of 12.5 m3, the DAF XG+ even has 14% more volume than the industry benchmark, the current DAF XF Super Space Cab. The new cabin creates unprecedented adjustment ranges for the seats and steering column, and the driver and passenger seats can be rotated to a relaxed position.

The beautiful interior features an eye-catching dashboard with a fully digital instrument panel that can be customized to suit the driver’s personal preferences. An optional second touchscreen is available to operate the DAF navigation and infotainment system.

DAF builds on its heritage as a supplier of the best bunk beds in the industry. New bed length is 2220mm in all models, with 800mm full length width in XG and XG+ models. A mechanically or electrically adjustable DAF Relax bed with a separate mattress topper is available for optimal support of the head, back and legs during rest.

State-of-the-art LED mood lighting is adjustable in brightness and color. A fully integrated Park Airco is optional on the XG+ for automatic cooling and heating of the cabin, even when the engine is off.

The exemplary ride and handling, created by the new front chassis design, the new cab suspension and the new rear axle suspension design, contribute significantly to the exceptional comfort.
All of this makes the next generation DAF the ultimate driver’s dream.

Decarbonize road transport

The new generation XF, XG and XG+ State-of-the-art MX-11 and MX-13 diesel engines provide excellent fuel economy and very low CO levels2 to go out. The DAF range has been designed for the latest bio and renewable electric fuels to further decarbonize road transport and trucks are a ready platform for future zero emission powertrains.


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