Code: To Jin Yong is an Open World Unreal Engine 5 game about Chinese martial arts


Tencent Games has announced Code: To Jin Yong, an open-world martial arts game set in ancient China.

Code: To Jin Yong is developed in Unreal Engine 5 by Lightspeed Studios (PUBG Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile), the studio’s first AAA game. It will be based on the novels of legendary Chinese writer Jin Yong.

A two-minute trailer was released during Tencent’s 2022 gaming conference (below) that shows a fast-paced and frantic sword fight between two characters.

The fight will also feature some sort of magic, with what appears to be the protagonist wielding the wind and his opponent (literally) throwing hands.

Tencent promised that Code: To Jin Yong would be a tribute to the late author, bringing to life his wuxia novels (martial art fiction set in ancient China) which are incredibly popular and have already spawned myriad film adaptations, TV and games. .

It will, however, be the first modern game set in Jin Yong’s universe, and apparently the first to be aimed at an English-speaking audience. No indication of a release window has been given by Tencent, although the trailer makes it clear that this footage isn’t final and the game’s platforms are also unclear at this time.

Unreal Engine 5 – Official Release Images

The Shenzhen, China-based publisher has pushed further and further into the gaming industry in recent years, acquiring developers such as Riot Games and Turtle Rock Studios.

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