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With the update now officially live, a variety of bugs and notices have surfaced. When these are fixed or updates are provided, we will add them here.

Major issues

First, the big one. There is no double yield on regular sims, only SF Sims.

Second: At the moment, the training battle for the parachute fairy is bugged and will simply load forever. We will update this page when this is corrected.


Parachute Fairy bug fixed

Third: AR-15 and SOPMOD have had their special gear upgraded, but the gear card has not.

Other issues:

A bug on IOS where the sound cuts off when switching applications has not been fixed.


The IOS bug was fixed a few hours after the client went live.

Defense Fairy has not been updated in its new state.


MICA has announced that the Defense Fairy revamp will arrive during maintenance on June 28.

Facing an AI does not count for Dailies in Luffberry Chess.

Luffberry Chess will occasionally freeze

The talent reset on the fairies does not work, which is a shame

The Black Market quest that references Special Combat Reports actually follows Enhancement Pills.

All sorting is reversed from its default (Ascending is now the default instead of Descending). This bug appeared on foreign and has been fixed. Why he arrived in EN, we cannot say.

Currently known bugged career quests:

– “craft 10 CRs” should be “craft CRs 10 times”

– “Clear normal 4-3” quest with C96 and 85 CR as reward is actually for 4-1

– The quest for “Clear normal 5-3” with Springfield and 360 CR as a reward is actually for 5-4

If you find any other major issues, please let us know and we’ll update them here.


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