Cheers to New Jersey Entrepreneurs, Who Aren’t That Bad


The past few years have certainly been a wild ride for New Jersey entrepreneurs. Like many of us, the events of the past two years have changed the landscape for them in ways they never imagined possible.

It also hasn’t been so easy for those of us who relied on them to take care of our house projects that we were forced to postpone. And without that work to go around, many of our generals and contractors took a hit.

I am one of those who have been forced to put their home building projects on hold due to the pandemic. We had planned a house expansion going back to 2019 and were hoping to start in 2020.

But after March of that year, many of our plans were forced to materialize. Not to mention skyrocketing lumber costs, our hopes of making this addition faded.

We still hope to move forward, but we are forced to wait a little longer. Even hardware delays have become a problem.

Construction workers build a new house

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When we realized we couldn’t move forward with our full addition, we decided it was time to redo our kitchen. We ordered our cabinets in July 2021, but the order was eventually delayed until April 2022.

As of this writing, our kitchen project is nearly complete. And I have to say, despite all the stories we typically hear about entrepreneurs, our experience has been mostly nothing but positive.

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And that’s the part I want to focus on here. We constantly hear about how contractors don’t give a damn about landlords in one way or another, including those in New Jersey.

But you know what? These situations are rare. We only paint all entrepreneurs with a broad brush because it’s the negative stories that stand out to us.


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You never hear about a successful project, mostly because if it’s done well, there’s not much to report.

That said, I wanted to thank all those good contractors who take care of us on every project we call them for.

Monmouth Ocean Area Estate Agents

Monmouth Ocean Area Estate Agents

Our kitchen project is an example of everything going in the right direction. And to call it a remodel is an understatement. It is a redesign of the kitchen which required the demolition of an interior wall.

From the start, our general contractor was nothing but upfront about the process and on schedule for the most part, minus a few minor setbacks that were beyond his control.

construction demolition rubble

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The demo person ripped it all off in just two days and couldn’t have been nicer. We actually learned that we both knew someone I had worked with before and bonded as fathers just trying to make it work in this state.

The plumbers and electricians were also very professional and the drywaller was just courteous.

plumber with tool belt standing in the bathroom


The tile was great too, and just like the guy in the demo, we talked about parenting life. The only difference was that her children had grown up and moved away. Yet getting to know these people on such a personal level while they were doing their job was certainly not planned.

I also learned from talking to them how incredibly uptight they were. Having just one person on a job site is no longer uncommon for many projects because there aren’t many people left to do the job.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

It’s a shame because it’s so important to have people in the trades. We really could use more like the entrepreneurs we had come to us.

But this part is also double, as the work for many contractors is light. Another unfortunate consequence of the pandemic.

Our project isn’t completely finished yet, but so far my expectations of what to expect have been blown away with overwhelming positivity, and I thought it was important to share that with you as well. .

Yes, we’ve had a few minor setbacks since the project started, but as far as people go, it’s been just fantastic.

roofer builder worker


Now, yes, there are people who have had bad experiences with contractors, and it’s a shame that those bad eggs are sprinkled in what is otherwise a very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly group of people.

It’s like any industry if you think about it. There will always be those who make everyone look bad, and that’s just not fair to those who do everything right.

Just like the walk. (Photo by Craig Allen)

Just like the walk. (Photo by Craig Allen)

So, to all the entrepreneurs here in New Jersey, here’s a shout out to all of you. You deserve recognition for all the hard work you do every day.

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