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MultiVersus characters come from different parts of the DC Universe as well as Adventure Time, Scooby-Doo, Game of Thrones, and more. In MultiVersus, all of these characters come together for a brawl like no other! This MultiVersus guide includes a list of all the MultiVersus characters that are due to appear.

There are currently 19 confirmed characters for the MultiVersus Roaster with more on the way. This page will be updated as new characters are announced. The last two officially confirmed but unreleased characters are Rick and Morty.


Multiverse characters

As of July 2022, the series and franchises included in MultiVersus come from DC, Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, Steven Universe, Game of Thrones, Tom & Jerry, Adventure Time and more. All eager to settle some beef and maybe even throw sandwiches at each other for a chance at glory.

See images of the entire full character roster in the slideshow below.

Multiverse characters

To learn more about each character, like their description and move list, be sure to click the links below.

The name of the character Origin of the character from the series or franchise character role voice actor


scooby-doo Slugger Matthew Lillard


MultiVersus Original (Player First Games) Support N / A

Steven Universe

Steven Universe Support Daniel Di Venere


Steven Universe Slugger Is she

harley quinn

CC Assassin Strong Tara

Arya Stark

game of thrones Assassin Maisie Williams


adventure time Assassin Jeremy Shada


looney tunes Slugger Jim Cummings

wonder woman

CC Tank Abby Trot


adventure time Slugger John DiMaggio


CC Tank George Newbern


CC Slugger Kevin Conroy

insect rabbit

looney tunes magician Eric Bauza

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry magician Eric Bauza


scooby-doo Support Kate Micucci

iron giant

iron giant Tank Jonathan Lipow

james lebron

space jam Slugger Jean-Eric Bentley


rick and morty Slugger Not-confirmed

grinding wheel

rick and morty magician Not-confirmed

Character Release Schedule


The MultiVersus character release schedule is still being worked out, but so far it looks like they’re aligning releases with major events and seasons.

  • Rick and Morty will “join the roster during Season 1,” the official MultiVersus website says. Season 1 will be on August 9, 2022.

How to unlock characters

Your collection of fighters starts with three characters unlocked for four (Garnet, Superman, Reindog, and Finn), with the fifth being Wonder Woman after completing the tutorial.

To get other characters you will need Gold, GlemiumWhere Character Tickets.

  • Gold is earned and free in-game currency. Gold can be earned in a variety of ways, including completing missions and reaching certain levels of character mastery.
  • Glemium is MultiVersus’ premium currency that can be purchased.
  • Character Tickets allow you to automatically unlock a character. These are currently only available with Founder’s Packs.
    • The Founder’s Pack includes 15 Character Tickets and other rewards.
    • The Deluxe Founder’s Pack includes 20 Character Tickets along with other rewards.
    • The Premium Fonder Pack includes 30 Character Tickets and other rewards.

Character gold cost varies, with the highest cost so far being 3,000 gold (Iron Giant, Steven Universe, Arya Stark, Tom & Jerry) and the lowest being 1,500 gold (Taz, Shaggy). All characters cost 700 Gleamium.

When you’re ready to unlock a character, visit the Collection page in the main menu and select the character you want to unlock. You will see an option to unlock the character in their individual menu.


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