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In Triangle Strategy Chapter 8 – The weather vane , House Wolffort has suffered a heavy blow from the Aesfrosti army and needs reinforcements. Serenoa and Benedict are cautious of any allies they might still have. The head of House Telliore offers protection to his domain and it is up to Serenoa to accept or refuse his proposal.

Wolffort Estate – Vote


If you chose to protect Roland in the Wolffort Demesne in Chapter 7, your objective now is to rebuild the village of Wolffort which was destroyed by protecting Roland from General Avlora’s attack. House Telliore offers money and support, but only if Serenoa and the party travel to his estate outside Wolffort Castle. In this chapter, you can choose to go with Silvio Telliore or stay at Wolffort Castle. After watching cutscenes with House Telliore, it’s up to Serenoa to decide if he’ll refuse or accept her proposal.

Accept Silvio’s proposal and head to Telliore Roland Anne Erador
Reject Silvio’s proposal Hughete Frederique Geela
Undecided Benedict

But first you need to talk to the Glenbrook guard near the gate to explore the village and gather information to persuade your allies. The first Wolffort soldier near the stone stairs will have information for Serenoa regarding the power of House Telliore. Go past him to the burned houses and talk to the citizen of Wolffort with a green indicator above her head. She lost her home and the means to take care of her grandson who was abandoned by her parents.

  • I’m afraid you can’t do anything. The problem is between them and should be resolved as such.
  • Children are the ones who suffer the most when parents argue. I think your efforts are better spent helping them reconcile.
  • There is nothing to be gained by forcing each other to stay together. Breaking up and starting new lives is for the best.

Serenoa’s beliefs will be strengthened in one way or another depending on your answer. Below this villager is a Quality Fiber on the ground. South of the village, talk to the character dressed in red clothes to gather information about Lord Silvio’s loyalty and then talk to the villager with the green indicator above his head. His family lives in the Telliore estate and he fears what will happen if they are overrun by Aesfrosti soldiers.

  • The Telliore house is rich and well connected. I doubt they’ll be so easily crushed by the Duchy.
  • For better or for worse, Lord Silvio is unchangeable. I could bear to learn something from his ever-composed example.
  • At worst, your family is always welcome in Wolffort. But Lord Silvio rules one of the three high houses and would do whatever it takes to protect his domain.

There isn’t much else to find here in the villager, so talk to the Wolffort soldier near the gates to return to the council chamber. Since Benedict is undecided, it may be easier to persuade him to join the side you want to choose.

Part Two – Parting the Ways

If you choose to reject Silvio Telliore’s proposal, he will angrily exit Wolffort Castle back to his estate where a cutscene appears with a bodyguard named Rufus. Then you can continue the main story, watch the new cutscene between Travis and Trish, or watch Character Story’s new recruit, a young apothecary named Medina who will join Serenoa’s forces. Medina increases the power of healing items on the battlefield, and she can use items twice in one turn. Return to the main story quest when you are ready. Anna brings news of House Telliore’s response to his rejection… he has brought his army into the domain of Wolffort, led by the mercenary Rufus.


Outer Walls of Wolffort – Exploration

Before the battle with the Telliore army led by Rufus, Serenoa must prepare. Glenbrook’s soldiers are exhausted from the onslaught of attacks but Serenoa must protect his domain from this new threat. First talk to Benedict with a green marker above his head. He worries about the loyalty of Silvio Telliore.

  • Their fear is understandable. Even so, I imagine they will back down if they find themselves fighting a losing battle.
  • Telliore’s domain is closer to Aesfrost than ours. It goes without saying that their fear would also be greater.
  • House Telliore’s hands are still clean, unlike ours. It makes me wonder if Lord Silvio is the greatest ruler between us.

Benedict sympathizes with Telliore’s fear of Aesfrosti’s army. Near Roland is Iron x3 on the ground near the tree. On the ground near Erador, you’ll find a letter to the family added to your notes in the main menu. Talk to the Wolffort soldier who is disappointed by the betrayal of House Telliore.

  • We may need all the help we can get, but asking Hyzante for help could result in a war like the one thirty years ago…
  • The alliance has been broken and House Telliore has turned against us. It almost seems foolish to rely on the goodwill of others now…
  • We share a common enemy with Hyzante. To that end, I presume the Holy State is waiting to see if we would make a formidable ally.

Approach the pine tree to the left of the map (near the Wolffort townsman in blue) to pick up the remote ice stone on the ground. The taller pine has 1100 coins on the ground below. Complete exploration when ready. Before the battle, there are two new recruitments.

View the character story to recruit Piccoletta and Hossabara. Piccoleta is a ranged attacker who specializes in summoning decoys and attacking objects from a distance. Hossabara works at La Taverne and is a healer on horseback. Again, I recommend stocking up on supplies at The Encampment before the next battle and taking part in mock battles to gain a few levels on your allies. It doesn’t hurt to participate in the same simulated battle multiple times, as you will always gain combat experience.

Battle – Betrayal of House Telliore

Your team will be divided into three sides of the map: left, middle, and right. It’s easy to split your team and let the enemy surround you in this battle, so make sure you don’t venture too far.

  • Goals: Defeat Rufus
  • Maximum group size: 9
  • Enemies: Rufus, Glenbrook Bowman, Glenbrook Healer, Glenbrook Battlemage, Glenbrook Shieldbearer, Glenbrook Pikeman

I recommend keeping your mages in the middle as they don’t have much defense and are less likely to survive if ganged up. I placed Anna on the right and she easily got rid of Glenbrook’s Battlemage and Glenbrook’s Healer using her cover ability to sneak up on them. Corentin’s Icy Breath and Ice Wall spells prevented the enemy from advancing quickly, and Erador will now know Ram Foe. Use this ability to push the enemy back 5 cells from Erador. Frederica’s fire spells will destroy the barricade but ignite the ground below, so don’t position your allies to stand in the fires. Rufus has a lot of health and he hits very hard.

You can taunt with Erador to get his attention and use Frederica’s Blazing Chain spells to pin him down and keep him from moving while dealing damage. The main objective of this battle is to defeat Rufus, so focus on him as he advances up the hill towards your allies. I used Corentin’s Ice Wall to lock Rufus and Erador out of the party while bombarding Rufus with spells and arrows from afar.

Third part – Shadow and light

Several cutscenes occur after the battle between House Telliore and House Wolffort. It’s up to Serenoa to come up with a plan to stop General Avlora from attacking Castle Wolffort again. Meanwhile, Roland begs Serenoa as he wishes to leave Castle Wolffort and transform into Archduke Gustadolph. Instead, Benedict has another plan that will keep Roland alive and invisible to the enemy. In Chapter 9 – Dwindling Light, Serenoa and Roland face new challenges in the sacred state of Hyzante where an illegal salt trade is being investigated.


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