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Chambara, or sword fighting, is one of six sports in Nintendo Switch Sports. It requires a single Joy-Con, but can be played by two people and allows up to two people to play at once. This Nintendo Switch Sports Chambara guide covers Chambara controls, best swords, and tips.
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Use the Joy-Con as a sword, or two Joy-Con for two swords, and fight to push your opponent off the platform. That’s it!

Chambara in brief
Local Online with friends
Up to 2 players Up to 2 players (1 vs 1)
Online in Random Matchmaking Joy-Con required per player
Up to 2 players (1 vs 1) 1 (one pair

Chambara Rules

Win Chambara by knocking your opponent off the platform. If no one is eliminated within the time limit, it becomes a draw. If no winner is decided after three rounds, there is a final round in which the arena shrinks.

In order to bring down your opponent, you need to counter their guards by slashing your sword in the same direction. So if they’re guarding with a vertical (up and down) sword, you also have to swing your Joy-Con up or down. To guard, hold your sword perpendicular to how the opponent is attacking. If the opponent manages to block you, you will be stunned for a while.

Chambara Commands

Chambara’s basic controls are the same no matter which sword you choose, but there are a few unique differences.

Basic Chambara controls:

  • Offensive: Slash the Joy-Con as if it were a sword. The direction of your attacks matters a lot. If your opponent guards vertically, you must attack vertically, and so on, otherwise he will block you.
  • Guard: Hold the ZR (or ZL) button to guard. Aim perpendicular to incoming attacks to stun your opponent.

Charge sword only:

  • Charged Strike: After successfully guarding three times, hold R (or L) and attack to unleash a powerful blow with strong knockback.
  • Counter: Perfectly time your guard to counter your opponent, pushing them back even further than with a normal guard. This ability only lasts for a split second, which you can tell by the pink glow of the Charge Sword when you guard, and is on a short cooldown.

Twin Swords Only:


  • Spinning Strike: Once the meter, which fills up over time, is full, hit both Joy-Cons in the same direction to perform a powerful spinning strike – like Link’s Spin Attack in Zelda!

Best Chambara Sword

Every Chambara sword in Nintendo Switch Sports has its perks, even the ordinary regular sword. But which Chambara sword is the best?

If you only look at normal recoil power, the ordinary sword comes out victorious. The normal sword can knock an opponent off the platform in just four attacks. The Charge Sword takes five attacks, while the Twin Swords take six attacks.

This is the advantage of the sword – it has an advantage with the simplest mechanics. However, if you know how to block at the right time, the charge sword might suit you better. The advantage of Twin Swords is its ability to easily confuse the opponent, as you can change positions and guards very quickly. However, we still think the regular sword will work best with most players based on the other tips we’ve uncovered.

Chambara Tips

  • If attacked, it is impossible to retaliate until you have properly guarded, stunning your opponent. This is your only opening, so be sure to grab it!

  • It turns out that an incorrect guard is more punitive than not guarding at all. You will be pushed back slightly more while blocking badly.
  • A successful guard still won’t push an opponent off the edge, you have to win with an attack.
  • Even with twin swords, you can’t guard and attack at the same time.
  • It is more advantageous to go on the offensive first. Try to launch the first attack and don’t let go – overwhelm the opponent with a flurry of blows from all directions.

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