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This page is dedicated to consolidating all available information regarding Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s new 2023 DarKoaster family roller coaster, Intamin-made, multi-turn, multi-launch, fully indoor.

Until this post is deleted, this page will continue to receive updates as more information comes online from today’s announcement.

DarKoaster official logo

DarKoaster Basics

Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Newest Coaster, DarKoaster: Escaping the Storm, is the spiritual successor to the park’s legendary and defunct dark ride, Curse of DarKastle. This steel family roller coaster made by Intamin was built entirely within the walls of the original Curse of DarKastle show building and will reuse much of the previous tenant’s infrastructure (queue, station, etc.).

Notable features of DarKoaster include its four launch experiences (two per turn), a pair of fast Intamin turnouts at the start and end of its “basic” layout, and a dedicated station bypass that does not will be crossed only once per trip. Combined, these elements will allow one DarKoaster train to circumnavigate the attraction route twice while the other coaster train unloads and loads passengers in the completely isolated station area.

DarKoaster is set to officially debut in 2023 with exclusive members-only previews at Busch Gardens Williamsburg ahead of its grand opening.

Concept art by DarKoaster

Official Concept Art

Fact Sheet DarKoaster

  • Attraction type: Multi-Launch Family Coaster
  • Maker: Intamine
  • Duration experienced: 2,454 feet
  • Maximum height: Unknown
  • Highest drop: Unknown
  • Top speed: 36 miles per hour
  • Experienced Spear: Four
  • Reversals: None
  • Duration: Unknown
  • The trains: Two trains of five cars each
    • Two passengers per car (side by side)
    • Ten passengers per train
    • On the subject of snowmobiles
  • Size required: 48 inches
  • Maximum rider size: 76 inches (Update: Maybe not?)
  • Colors: Black track and supports

DarKoaster promotional video

Official DarKoaster Sizzle Reel

DarKoaster layout

The image below was created in late 2021 to illustrate our understanding of DarKoaster’s leaked layout. While the basics are all correct, we’ve identified a few shaping issues, including the fact that the first bend after launch 1 will actually go under the big bend after launch 2, not over it, as shown here -below.

Leaked DarKoaster project layout
Unofficial and leaked project DarKoaster layout mockup

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Official announcement recording via Coaster Studios

History of the DarKoaster project

DarKoaster’s precursor and namesake, Curse of DarKastle, debuted at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in 2005. Curse of DarKastle operated until September 2017, when it was closed to use its building as a special event space. .

Rumored Curse of DarKastle replacement first revealed by BGWF fans as a roller coaster early December 2021. This is also when we playfully nicknamed the project, “Dark Coaster.” Subsequently, on December 30, 2021, BGWFans disclosed the layout of the roller coaster in detail.

Roller coaster ride hardware began appearing onsite at Busch Gardens Williamsburg around early June 2022, leading to the release of the first official DarKoaster teaser by Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Later that month, BGWF fans leaked information about Project DarKoaster’s new locker and photo sales structure.

DarKoaster was officially announced by Busch Gardens Williamsburg on September 6, 2022. During a construction tour immediately following the announcement, it was revealed that the full lane layout of DarKoaster had already been installed inside the building.

DarKoaster Project


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