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In this Minecraft guide, we’ll be providing a comprehensive list of all 21 animals available to breed in Minecraft, which includes animals ranging from horses, turtles, hoglins, and more. Raising animals is a necessary part of the Minecraft game, especially if you plan on playing it for the long haul, as they can act as forms of resources, transportation, and even companionship. If you go with the construction of a breeding farm, you will not only save a lot of time in the long run, but also significantly relieve stress, as it is one less thing to worry about when collecting.

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Essential tips and tricks for raising animals in Minecraft

  • Raising animals is also a safe way to collect between 1-7 XP.
  • Once you feed the animals they will go into “Love Mode” and you will know they are in this mode when you see hearts flying around them.
  • The “love mode” lasts 2.5 seconds and only mates with another animal that is within eight blocks of them.
  • Create a mini barn / enclosure as long as you know the animals are in a place they can’t escape.
  • Some monsters need to be tamed before you can breed them.
  • Acquire the right food for the animals and make sure you have enough to feed them all, especially if you plan to breed a lot at a time.
  • Make sure they are in a well-lit area so that you can breed them more easily or kill them if you wish at night.
  • The animals will also follow you when you carry the food they eat, so use this to your advantage when you lure them into your barn / pen.
  • If you are looking to breed animals on a large scale, it is important to mention that the creatures have a five minute cooldown.
  • Once you are successful in raising the animals a baby will breed, and if you want to speed up the growth all you have to do is keep giving it the right food and it will grow into an adult.
Now that you’ve learned which monsters can be bred, why not check out our taming guide which details everything you need to know about taming animals in Minecraft.

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