Bone Evolution Of Vampire Survivors Explained


In Vampire Survivors, the evolution of the Bone Weapon has been on the minds of many fans as its rarity to appear in the higher level shop causes players to not have many opportunities to test out the weapon. .

Evolution in Vampire Survivors is a late-game mechanic that can cement your build’s ability to hit the 30-minute mark and complete whatever level you’re playing. Evolution is an upgrade to a weapon that requires that weapon to be at level eight, the maximum level possible, and that the player has purchased a matching passive item that allows evolution to take place. Once you’ve upgraded your desired weapon to level eight and need to use a pair of passives, you need to defeat one of the enemy bosses that periodically spawn and drop chests, and once you collect this chest, you will receive the evolution upgrade.

The bone weapon is the starting weapon for Mortaccio, and sadly one of the few weapons that doesn’t have an unlockable evolution upgrade just yet. That doesn’t mean it’s useless, though. Bone works great as a secondary weapon to your build and works similarly to the runetracer, although it doesn’t have piercing damage.

It excels at higher levels as its scaling and potential pairing with passive buffs to speed, damage, and projectile quantity means it can pick off enemies around you during some of the chaotic moments. end of game. He can be extremely difficult to find in the game if you’re not playing as Mortaccio, however, with some players on the bone wiki page claiming never to have had it appear in their stores.


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