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The objective is to promote the most beneficial financial applications for society through the new Algorand Fintech Lab, a collaboration between the university and the Algorand Foundation and led by Claudio Tebaldi. The research areas of the Algorand Fintech Lab are those that will be most affected by the innovative wave of fintech technologies which, Tebaldi points out, “is fundamentally changing the relationship between financial institutions, markets and society itself.

Algorand Fintech Lab: four major areas of research

The research areas of the Algorand Fintech Lab are those destined to be most affected by the innovative wave of fintech technologies, namely central bank digital currencies, monetary policy and macroeconomics. Crypto-assets and financial markets. Decentralized finance, financial institutions and services. blockchain and society.

Among the research initiatives, the one that best embodies the desire to separate scientific knowledge and marketing stories is a collaborative wiki project, on the lab site. Since knowledge in a rapidly changing field is often conveyed informally via social media, websites and research, not always published, from different disciplines, the laboratory community will take care of filtering this information, to identify and establish information of the highest quality. Students and junior researchers will be in charge of monitoring the flow, supplementing the most interesting information with bibliographies and background news if necessary, while more experienced researchers will act as validators, making this work available to the public.

“We must be able to filter a rapid and incessant flow of information, installing verified and useful knowledge.”

Claudio Tebaldi, the director of the laboratoryExplain.

“Financial innovation is not only engineering or IT innovation, but also social innovation, an area where widespread knowledge, reliable policies and trust are essential. If we build a bridge well, it will hold up regardless of what the people who use it think, but a financial system needs the trust of the participants.

“Blockchain will soon be the cornerstone of the infrastructure of new finance and will bring massive changes to markets.”

Silvio Micali, founder of Algorandhighlighted.

“Collaboration between the private sector, academia and the regulator is crucial”, adds Micali, “so that the utility generated by this new technological dimension is maximized and brings tangible benefits to society as a whole”.


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