Blockverse’s Augmented Reality (AR) Crypto Scavenger Hunt Will Include Garlicoin (WGRLC)


Blockverse partners with the Garlicoin Federation

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A new partnership with the Garlicoin Federation will introduce WGRLC crypto tokens to Blockverse’s mobile-accessible Metaverse Treasure Hunt.

We can barely wait for the Blockverse mobile app to finish baking, so we can slip some butter into those treasure chests”

— Spokesperson for the Garlicoin Federation

WEST HOLLYWOOD, California, USA, April 29, 2022 / — CEO Erik Daniel Garcia announced that Blockverse has partnered with cryptocurrency project Garlicoin. Under the agreement, the Garlicoin Federation will provide WGRLC tokens, the Binance Smart Chain-wrapped version of the Garlicoin mainnet. Contributed tokens are allocated exclusively to Blockverse’s augmented reality (AR) mobile app.

The Blockverse AR metaverse app is a “play to win” (P2E) mobile game in development that will allow users to discover and claim treasure chests filled with cryptocurrency. Partner cryptocurrency projects, including Garlicoin, will have their crypto tokens “dropped” into virtual treasure chests in various locations around the world. Players will use an in-app radar and their smartphone camera to navigate to treasure chests and claim cryptocurrency.

Garlicoin started as a “meme coin” in 2018 and received support from its r/ailloin subreddit community of nearly one hundred thousand subscribers. The coin is a fork of Litecoin (LTC). As described on the Garlicoin Wiki, “Garlicoin is a garlic-themed decentralized cryptocurrency, with an ASIC-resistant proof-of-work algorithm and rapid difficulty readjustment, intended to be mined on consumer hardware.

“We can barely wait for the Blockverse mobile app to finish baking, so we can slip some butter into those treasure chests,” a spokesperson for the Garlicoin Federation said.

Blockverse’s Garcia said the agreement clarifies, “One hundred percent of the cryptocurrency tokens contributed by the Garlicoin Foundation are for player discovery in the Blockverse mobile app.”

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