Blockchain WIKI Launched As Stabila Developers Eliminate Stablecoins Motherland


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Blockchain WIKI Launched As Stabila Developers Eliminate Stablecoins Motherland

It’s easy to create a token and do nothing but act as a unit of account inside a service. But that’s not what the Stabila does.

—Daniel Varzari

MUMBAI, INDIA, April 7, 2022 / — Moneta officially launched its wiki on April 6, 2022.

Designed to be a “standalone encyclopedia with no need for ads or donations”, the project uses the Stabila network to operate. He will reward curators with his token, dubbed “ZOOM”.

The co-founders of Stabila Blockchain Wiki said they were “excited to release their minimum viable network that allows users to learn or get started with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.”

Discussions of an “alternative” blockchain-based Wikipedia have long floated in cryptocurrency circles, with a well-known skepticism towards Bitcoin (BTC) and a hands-off approach to blockchain technology that decreases community motivation.

IN A NOVEMBER INTERVIEW, Moneta CEO Daniel Varzari told Cointelegraph that he “plans to do this directly in the blockchain space.” Still, he added: “I’m very intrigued by the idea as Stabila becomes more popular. Many people have pitched their ideas to me in the crypto space. I see that makes sense. I will continue to develop it.

Stabila is blockchain ready for compliance with the economies of today and tomorrow. As the title holder of stablecoins, it is a popular destination for private-public, global-local transactions. It enables businesses, developers, and merchants to harness the true power and potential of blockchain.

This unique decentralized finance approach also means businesses and users can be 100% confident that their favorite distributed apps can withstand bad players and regulatory scrutiny of DeFi apps.

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