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With so many skills to choose from for every job in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the best skills to equip and leave behind. Here are some of the must-have skills for general use throughout the game.

The best skills to unlock and equip in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin


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Employment-related skills

Whatever profession you play, don’t forget to learn all the skills that increase your professional affinity! When combined with the affinity bonuses you get from certain pieces of gear, you can get bonuses to your stats and even powerful effects if you reach max affinity. This becomes very important in the late game, where sometimes it’s better to equip what seems like weaker gear with higher affinity bonuses.

Summon a tachi

Found under the Ronin skill tree, Summon Tachi is a command ability that increases damage dealt, but also decreases damage taken. If you’re sure you can kill a group of enemies quickly or defend yourself against more powerful enemies, you can use Tachi to help you get through fights faster. Beware of using it against enemies with powerful single target attacks like the Tonberry, as the risk will sometimes outweigh the reward if you make a mistake.



If you cast spells frequently in the early game, you shouldn’t pass the mage’s Focus ability, a passive effect you can unlock early in the task tree. This will increase how quickly you recover MP while casting spells, and allow you to quickly cast spells and afflict enemies with nasty status ailments.

To provoke

Provoke might seem like a dangerous command ability in the Knight task tree, as it decreases damage taken but makes enemies more likely to attack you, but it becomes much more valuable when you consider your allies. You can grab your enemy’s attention with Taunt, then activate Resonance Mode (if you’re playing with the AI), to have your allies use their best abilities. This way you can focus on mitigating damage and building Max MP with Soul Shield while your allies are dealing heavy damage to them.

Cut in half

If you are a dagger user or intend to get into Assassin work, Bisect is one of the most important combos you can choose. Found in the Rogue task tree, you can quickly dash behind an enemy and attack from behind. This way you can both dodge attacks and position yourself to land critical hits. This is a must-have skill if you use Assassin, as critical hits are the only way to create marks for Assassination.


If you’re having trouble with some of the late game enemies, consider putting points in the Paladin task tree for the Sentinel command. When active, you will block a certain amount of damage that scales with your maximum HP. It can help you survive high damage attacks, but won’t stop damage to your break gauge. This makes it more suitable for countering attacks that deal minimal damage, allowing you to be more aggressive until the effect wears off.

magical arts

The Magic Arts command may be the best synergy with the Tyrant, allowing them to keep their MP high at all times, but it also pairs really well with the other mage tasks. For two bars of your max MP, you can get a semi-permanent increase in MP gained from landing attacks, as long as you can keep landing them. Magic Arts’ duration is extended each time you land an attack, so while two bars of MP is a high price to pay, the effect it gives more than mitigates its high cost, especially if you’re able to play very aggressively.

Power Guard Mastery

If you need more defensive options, the Liberator’s Mighty Guard is already a powerful ability, reducing damage and giving everyone around you regeneration. Along with Mighty Guard Mastery, it will also prevent anyone within its radius from dropping below one HP. It will only last until you run out of MP, but with high MP max it becomes a toggle invulnerability whenever you need to make sure you survive a dangerous situation.


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