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While Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin encourages you to try out different tasks to find the one that’s right for you, remember that your party members have their own set of tasks that they can use throughout the game. some of the best jobs for your fellow warriors of light.

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Best job for Jed

A pure physical attacker through and through, Jed primarily serves as an additional damage dealer, with less utility than other characters as a compromise. Although he starts out as a duelist, Jed’s best early game work is samurai, which leans more into his role as pure damage than rogue.

Once you reach the end of the game, be sure to complete Ebon Memories: The Power-Hungry so Jed can become a Ninja. This will allow him to use Ninjutsu at the cost of Tool Ninjutsu, including elemental attacks that work similarly to magic. If you’re good at applying status ailments, Jed compliments it once you level up his Ninja further, increasing their duration.

Best work for Ash

Ash’s jobs are also all physical, requiring him to get close to every enemy you encounter. Because of this, he works very well filling the tank role, especially once he acquires his final job. In the early game, consider using Berserker work to help increase your party’s damage, but be sure to heal him as potions don’t work once he becomes Berserker. Pugilist and Monk are fine on their own but should be ignored in favor of Berserker, until you can realize Ash’s true potential with Liberator’s work.

Well late in the game, Ash will earn the position of Liberator once you complete the Coral Memories: The Avenger side quest. Liberator’s Mighty Guard is a powerful ability that slowly regenerates your HP and decreases damage taken, as long as you stay near Ash. It’s a good habit to use Resonance as often as possible so you can take advantage of Mighty Guard, just make sure you’re near him to reap the benefits.

Best job for neon

Neon fills very specific niches in your party, flexing between knight, red mage, and paladin once you get past his starting sword position. As tempting as it is to place her as a Red Mage alongside Sophia, Red Mage is one of her worst options, as she lacks the skills and utility to complement Sophia’s wise job. . The Knight is the best option until you can unlock the Void Knight later in the game.

If you complete the Ebon Memories: The Truthseeker side quest, you will be able to equip Neon with the Void Knight job. While she doesn’t have the same directly tangible benefits as Ash’s Liberator or Sophia’s Sage, the damage is still enough to make Void Knight Neon’s best choice, but arguably. You can stick with Knight if you need more defensive options in your party, but otherwise you can use Void Knight for most of the game.

Best job for Sophia

Sophia’s job choices mostly revolve around magic, so she works well as your party’s mage if you prefer physical attacks. Early in the game, the Black Mage is her best option, as she can use powerful spells like Flare to deal damage to large groups of enemies. Even if you are already a magic user, Sophia will always get more benefit from being a dark mage instead of a dragon, as more mages mean more vulnerability and applied status effects.


The best job for her is the Sage, as she makes full use of the vast repertoire of spells. Unlocked through the completion of Ebon Memories: The Tragic Cynic, it will heal and buff the party for defensive purposes, not neglecting offensive dark magic during combat. It’s even more effective if you’re also playing a Sage, as you’ll both be able to heal and buff the party in tough encounters.

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