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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction can be a tough game. While solo forays can be tricky, going as a team isn’t always easier. The good news: this Rainbow Six Mining Tips Beginners Guide will help you overcome the first pain points of the extraction.

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Single player game

Like being a lone wolf? Well, Rainbow Six Extraction has you covered. All missions in the game (without end-game content) can be completed solo. This is partly due to how the base difficulty scales with the size of your team. That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to take on extraction incursions on your own. It is doable though. Just be sure to carry a self-resuscitation item in case of an emergency.

Compare loads

Before setting foot on any given map, be sure to check your teammate’s loadouts. The goal is to have a good balance between supporting, offensive and defensive elements. While it won’t hurt everyone to carry smoke grenades – they’re great for getting out of a sticky situation or stealth kills – it might be more beneficial to carry a glue grenade for trapping /slow down Archaean.

Scanners that help locate enemies and VIPs, explosive ammo that can clear your way, extra ammo – it’s nice to have a variety of items. And don’t worry about trying to bring it all. Each operator has a unique skill set that is distinct from their fair items; it’s possible to forgo an armor-based item if you’re using a support character like Doc or Rook.

be stealthy


Death comes quick in extraction. The last thing you want to do is alert a horde of Archaeans while trying to complete an objective. Instead, use your sensing-based skills and devices to identify enemies. Crouch or walk as much as possible. Shoot down nests as soon as they are alerted. Take at least one silenced weapon with you. And don’t hire a group of Archaeans alone (unless you’re playing solo).

Target the weak points

When Archaeans are killed, they release a biofluid called Spread. This tar-like dirt will slow you down and make it easier for enemies to attack you. One way to prevent this from happening is to stealth kill Archaean. The other way is to target their weak points.

Most Archaeans you encounter will have glowing weak points located somewhere on their body. Shooting this location will not only dispatch them faster than usual, but also prevent them from fleeing Sprawl once killed.
There are times when you won’t want to touch an Archaean’s weak spot. For example, you don’t want to shoot a Bloater Where Breacher’s weak point when they are close to you or your teammates. This will cause them to explore, injuring anyone standing nearby. It is best to shoot them in the legs and arms; they die but because they didn’t explode they won’t release any Sprawl.

Destroy sprawl

At some point, most people will accidentally alert a group of Archaeans. They come running from all directions in the hope of invading your party. During these times, it can be difficult to focus on their weak points.

Fortunately, it is possible to destroy the Sprawl after an encounter. This can be done using melee attacks or with gunshots. The sticky substance will evaporate into the air, allowing to pass as usual.

Set a good pace

You want to make sure you’re stealthy. Move slowly and check your corners. That said, you don’t want to hang around. Each mission is timed. You will either have to complete them (or extract them from the map) before the clock reaches zero. If you don’t, the entire map will be swallowed up by Archaean, leaving you unable to do anything but flee.

Support the team

Make sure to support your teammates. Share ammo, help them, protect them while they complete an objective. Basically, watch their backs. Playing with a team is different from playing solo. enemies will not decrease if one or two of you become incapacitated.
If someone gets knocked out, do your best to carry them to the extraction pod. This will prevent them from “losing” an agent and activating a MIA rescue mission.

Higher level

In order to unlock mining maps and operators, you will need to level up. Experience points are earned by completing missions and studies, killing enemies, and helping teammates. This is not necessarily enough to move to the next level.

Rainbow Six Extraction progress is cumulative. You’re going to want to upgrade multiple operators and do all the region-specific research to unlock things sooner. You will also want to upgrade different Operators in order to strengthen your roster. If one of them goes MIA, you won’t want to rely on weaker operators to go save them.

Looking for more advanced tips? Then be sure to check out IGN’s Rainbow Six advanced mining tips guide.


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