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Call of the Wild: The Angler is an open-world fishing game from Expansive Worlds. You play as a beginner fisherman, exploring a vast and varied environment while following tutorials to improve your skills. Whether you’re fishing solo or with friends, you’ll complete a host of challenges to help you become a master angler. If you’re just getting started on your journey, this guide covers all the basics and features you’ll want to master right from the start.

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Create your fisherman

Before you even start fishing, you will need to create your fisherman. Although the customization options are pretty basic on this initial creation page, you’ll be able to buy more clothes and tweak your character throughout the game. Complete missions and explore to receive XP and coins that you can use to buy new accessories and clothes.

Start with fishing

Unsurprisingly, fishing is what you’ll spend most of your time in Call of the Wild: The Angler. And fortunately, as soon as the game starts, you will have to follow some tutorials to understand the basics. The first tutorial mission will cover everything from casting to pumping and catching your first fish, but here are the basics you’ll need every time:

  • You can equip your cane by pressing 1 (and access a quick menu once equipped).
  • press the left button on your mouse, push the mouse forward and release the left mouse button as you do, to cast your rod.
  • wait for it Strike! notification to appear on your screen with a yellow banner
  • press the right mouse button and hook your fish
  • press the left mouse button when you have your fish to bring it back
  • Hold Gap to roll it up faster.


Meet the Trader and the Guardian

Golden Ridge Reserve has four outposts where you can collect photo, map, and fishing challenges. The main outpost is Diamond’s Peak, where you can spend your store credits and talk to the warden for favors. Sophie is here Trader from Taylor’s Tackles and your first port of call for tutorials and gear. As you earn credits, you can buy more and better equipment to be able to catch record fish.

Clayton Johnson, director, will ask you to perform services that include reports on invasive plants, diseased and infested trees, and tourist attractions. You will notice most of them while exploring the area, as they will sparkle brightly. Approach them if you see anything flickering, then report them to the Guardian for extra XP and Credits.

Complete tutorials, favors and challenges

To be able to buy more equipment, vehicles or clothing to customize, you must earn credits. You can do this by completing tutorials, favors for the Director as explained above and specific Challenges set by Sophia the Shopkeeper.


There are two notice boards in the outposts, where you can accept tutorials and complete challenges. If you interact with the tutorial board, you can accept missions focused on driving vehicles and boats, or specific fishing guides. You can only follow one of these tutorials at a time.

An additional notice board in each outpost offers three types of challenges to complete: these are photo, map, and fishing challenges. There are 36 of these challenges altogether and they are a great way to earn XP and coins.


Golden Ridge Reserve has beautiful scenery, but that’s not the only benefit of exploring it as much as possible. The more you explore, the easier it becomes to move around the game, and the more information you’ll unlock on where you can search for specific fish.

When you first start the game, your map looks pretty empty, but if you make sure to find outposts, you can monitor the area and unlock undiscovered icons. There are also bodies of water to discover, and when you do, you’ll see a fish icon appear. This will tell you exactly which fish you can expect to find in each of the water bodies.


As you explore, you’ll also come across collectibles, including tickets, lost items, coins, and figurines. These are highlighted in red and you can refer to them at any time in your manual.

fast travel

One of the biggest benefits of exploring is that you’ll also unlock a host of fast travel points, making it easier to navigate the map. Fast travel points include Outposts and Starting points. From each of these points, you can call a vehicle or a boat to further explore the surroundings. Most of them will unlock as soon as you are near them and are immediately available as fast travel points.

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