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Lost Ark can be a little overwhelming when it jumps headfirst into its “Diablo meets MMO” style. Here are our beginner tips for making a great first impression on Prideholme and beyond. But first, this guide has a special section with tips and suggestions from the Lost Ark developers.

Tips and strategies from the developers of Lost Ark


Members of the Lost Ark team at Smilegate have shared thoughts on what they consider to be the most approachable and difficult aspects of Lost Ark, as well as suggestions on builds.

The easiest and hardest classes to play

  • Deadeye is one of the most difficult classes due to the need to balance the swap between three weapons and properly balance skill points. Deadeye has to put in a lot more work than any other class to achieve similar results.
  • Scrapper is a good class if you don’t want to worry about class skills, but there is a balance between the energy types of the skills. However, it’s visually quite intuitive to spot where you need power.
  • The witch is one of the most accessible classes with a wide variety of crowd control skills and targeted damage skills. Even the Witch’s basic attack does a considerable amount of damage. Sorceress can be really good for PVE, and using the Reverse Gravity skill to prepare for your crowd control abilities like Inferno or Seraphic Hail is a great strategy. For some target damage or crowd control, you can spec the Lightning Bolt skill in different ways.
  • Berserker is also quite accessible, with a good set of combos and abilities that allow you to deal excellent damage.

Things to do from the start

  • Side quests usually grant you more XP and useful consumables, so they are well worth your time.
  • When you unlock navigation, start exploring the islands as soon as you can. The island quests are worth going through, they give you upgrade materials that allow for less downtime in the leveling process.
  • Grabbing collectibles gives you great rewards like stat boost potions, which are very important for your character progression and tuning.
  • Pass by Lullaby Island and go to Dreamgull Island for a fun questline involving seagulls. He is a favorite among the QA team.
  • Saving combat items, like grenade item types, is very useful for raids like Chromanium where using a grenade can make combat much easier.
  • If you don’t understand what an item is for in battle, consider saving all battle items for endgame.
  • If you don’t know what you want for selection chests hold them backthere is an item storage NPC in most central areas like Prideholme or Luterra.
  • It’s important to use the practice zone to determine what you like about a class.
  • PVP and PVE skills are different. Be sure to learn what changes between modes.

Check out more tips from the Lost Ark devs on the PVP Guide and Tips page. The following tips and strategies come from IGN’s guide team.

Good crowd control is essential

Lost Ark can sometimes throw more than a dozen enemies at you at once, so you should try to hit as many as you can. Abilities that knock down multiple enemies, bring them closer to you, or stun them are best for this. Once your enemies are grouped together, use skills that hit in a wide area to quickly take out the remaining enemies. In dungeons, this is especially useful, as you can also combine your crowd control abilities with your allies, decimating even the largest groups of enemies.


Each class has some variety of CC or can hit multiple enemies, but if you’re looking for good starter abilities, here are a few to keep in mind when considering good skills. Also be sure to try new abilities once you level up!

  • Berserker – Risk of crime
  • Paladin – Light shock
  • weapon launcher – Rising Gunlance
  • Bard – Dissonance
  • Witch – Lightning Vortex
  • shadow hunter – Spinning Dive
  • Deathblade – windproof
  • Striker/Coach – Shattering Blow from the Sky
  • Scraper – Advent of the Dragon
  • soulfist – Poison Fist
  • Sniper – Atomic Arrow
  • Deadeye/Pistolero – Spiral flame
  • gunner – Freeze the shell

Save your good potions!

There are two types of potions you will receive as you play through the game; they will restore either a fixed amount of health or a percentage of your maximum health. Potions that restore a percentage of your health should be saved for late game. Because flat health potions gradually lose their value as you level up, these should be your go-to healing option, and you’ll constantly get stronger versions as you progress through the story. .

Don’t worry about running out of fuel either; the game will give you several dozen potions at once, and most enemies will quickly melt away once you start combining skills and their special abilities. Any remaining potions can be sold to a merchant for some extra cash and to free up inventory space if you run out. If you want to store your good potions, each town and settlement has a storage container that you can use to store any unnecessary items.

Pay attention to skill effects

While you can usually get away with using your skills whenever they’re not on cooldown during most of Lost Ark’s opening hours, you can use your knowledge of the five skill effects to turn the battle more into your favor.

Some are simple, depending on the positioning; use Frontal attacks in front of enemies, and Back attacks from behind. Both of these skills do more damage if used in the correct stance, so reposition yourself quickly before firing them for maximum damage.

Ladder and counter skills are more involved, but also perform better. Stagger skills will deplete the Stagger Gauge, the purple bar below a boss’s health. Once emptied, the boss will be stunned and vulnerable to your most damaging skills, a great time to use your back or front attacks.

counter skills, when used when the boss turns blue and charges at you, will stop the attack and deal massive damage. All skill effects listed are helpfully labeled as such when viewing your combat skills, so be sure to read your skills to get the most out of them.

Play hard mode dungeons

Despite their name, hard mode dungeons can be quickly navigated if you use the matchmaking feature to enter with other players. You’ll get higher quality gear for your endeavors, which you can keep for longer before you need to upgrade. If you have friends who are at a higher level, remember that the game does not synchronize their level with yours; if they join you, they can kill most dungeon mobs in seconds while you come around.

Don’t forget to hit the Triports!

As you enter new areas, mentally note the locations of the Triport; once active, you can teleport there for a few silver coins, allowing you to quickly travel from place to place. They are very easy to miss if you focus on the story as quickly as possible, but luckily many of them can be found on the main path or slightly off of it. If you miss one, don’t leave it behind! It’s better to go back a bit and get active than to have to teleport and do it anyway several hours later.

Don’t be afraid to try a new class

Lost Ark is very friendly when it comes to playing alternate jobs. If you’re starting out as a martial artist but want to become a mage, don’t be deterred by the thought of leveling up again. You can skip the long tutorial prologue (at the cost of the unique Steampunk Goggles you get as a reward for your perseverance), and since most of the opening quests are simple “arrive and kill x monsters” you can skip the dialogue and focus on experimenting with your new class.

If your main job is at max level, you can use Knowledge Transfer – separate missions for your lower level characters – to send your alts on missions in exchange for gold, though you can still play them while on your mission. Finally, once you’ve completed the main story, you’ll receive a Powerpass – a single-use item that lets you play an abbreviated version of the main Lost Ark story on a new character. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with a suitable level 50 character. The game will give you two Powerpasses for free, so if you complete the main quest and want something different, you can choose two other classes for free if you want variety.

General tips

  • You can only collect your daily Bloodstones, a rare resource exclusive to interacting with your guild, by opening the Guild menu; if you have spare money, you can also donate to support your guild and get some extra bloodstones in return!
  • Gold is the only currency you can use to trade with other players. If you have a choice between spending your silver or your gold, always spend the silver! Instead, save gold for the Auction House.
  • Your pets give you passive stat boosts, and if you have the Crystalline Aura subscription, they can also store your items, collect your mail, and even repair your weapons and armor!
  • Many systems outside your combat level are transferred from task to task. Money, your roster level, and even your fortress are account-bound to make it easier to play alternate characters.

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