Beamdog reveals MythForce in a big departure from its usual RPGs


Beamdog, the studio best known for remastering ’90s BioWare classics like Baldur’s Gate, has officially unveiled its next project, and it’s definitely not an RPG. Instead, Beamdog is creating MythForce, a first-person roguelite intended to evoke the spirit of Saturday morning cartoons.

Launching in Early Access next week, the new title takes inspiration from ’80s animated classics like Dragon’s Lair, Thundercats, and He-Man. It’s built in Unreal Engine, with characters steadily progressing and gaining new abilities by exploring procedurally generated maps.

MythForce director Luke Rideout cites Deep Rock Galactics and Vermintide as key gameplay influences.

“It’s definitely not a Baldur’s Gate,” Rideout says.

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