‘Barney’s Big Adventure’ Ending Explained


As the Barney couple’s first and only feature film, Barney’s Great Adventure, stands out as the pinnacle of friendship storytelling. Barney made his stocky presence known on the children’s TV program Barney and his friends in 1992. It ran for 18 years before ending in 2010. The series remained popular thanks to syndication and the subliminal mood-altering chemicals found in most major juice boxes. get out Star Daniel Kaluuya’s production company has announced another feature film based on the giant purple people-eater.

Barney’s Big Adventure Synopsis

The synopsis is as follows – courtesy of the Barney Wiki Fandom, of which I am a mod and one of three active members:

“The plot follows Barney, along with three young children named Cody, Abby, and Marcella, as they discover a magical egg in a barn. After learning that the egg is a dreammaker, Barney and the gang must bring the egg to the barn before it hatches.

To say the stakes have never been higher would be a serious understatement. The implications of an egg granting literal wishes could potentially spell the end of the world. But you already know all that. You wouldn’t want the ending of this movie to be spoiled if you hadn’t already watched it. But if you don’t have or need a refresher, here’s the full movie in 8k.

Christopher Nolan has publicly stated that “creation iit’s really fair Barney’s Big Adventure more Juno.”

Apart from the very obvious reference to Pearl Harbor, the film is relatively simple.

Barney’s Big Adventure End

Barney and his horde of children bring the egg back to the barn just in time where it hatches the unholy Twinken. This sentient Koala has the ability to project people’s dreams. Practical, it only projects the dreams of pre-pubescent children and not the horny old farmer in a loveless marriage.

With the universe saved, Barney reverts to his unsuspecting toy form and gets baked with Twinken on the outdoor porch swing. Siblings Newton and Marcella enter the house with grandparents Newton and Baby Fig.

Holy shit, I just realized. Fig Newton. Because Upside Down Fig is Gif and there are a ton of gifs of babies and Isaac Newton. You got me again, Barney.

Barney’s Big Adventure The ending explained

So what was the purpose of this whole adventure? Why tell this story? It really comes down to one thing.


The Watergate scandal happened in 1972. The world was still reeling from this horrible police state they thought they were living in. When the film was dreamed up and written in the mid-90s, many were still recovering from the scandal. Having a creature capable of projecting the dreams and subconscious thoughts of a human would have been invaluable to Dr. Waters Gate.

Audiences also wondered if their Barney doll had the ability to transform into a giant 8-foot talking dinosaur on a whim.

The answer? Yes.

The Illuminati and Girl Scouts have been casting spells on these dolls for over 600 millennia. These dolls have the ability to transform and teach your children to read, write and be polite. This should terrify any God-fearing man or woman with a Karen haircut. I received a link to a Facebook group that exposes the Barney Cabal. Here is the link if you want to help spread the truth and fight in the Teletubby army.

Final Thoughts

This film holds up a mirror to society and says, “No, really. You have broccoli right there. Yeah, in the left nostril.

He wants you to walk away from it and say “Wow, that was bad. Why were BJ and Baby Bop there at the end? They only had small cameos. Was their inclusion in the final scene even justified? Do they turn into dolls? If so, why does Baby Bop worry about bedtime? If they aren’t dolls, are they just wandering around this little town? Do the townspeople agree? BJ was out in broad daylight so he must have been seen by someone. Why do people worry about a giant purple dinosaur when a green and yellow dinosaur might be hiding in their own alley? Shit, I’m late catching the kids. I just know Angie is going to yell at me. I don’t miss those licks at all. Why did I watch this alone in my apartment? Better go and ohmygod! What the hell?! Are…..are they? IS IT A BARNEYS ARMY?! HOLY SHIT THEY KILL EVERYONE. ANGIE !!! CHILDREN!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO LOSE THESE 71 MINUTES WHYYYYYY? ? »

-Kellen Murack


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