Babylon’s Fall: Complete Guide – Tips, Tricks and General Help


Although having a somewhat difficult launch, players of The fall of Babylon can still perhaps find a lot of fun in the core gameplay loop of PlatinumGames proven hack and slash formula borrowed from their other titles, such as NieR: Automata Where Bayonet. With these mechanics now brought to an online cooperative dungeon crawler, players can expect to team up with friends or strangers in order to take on the challenges that await as they navigate the seven main cloisters. Game.

The fall of Babylon has players creating a sentry, tasked with the quest to retake the Tower of Babel from rival enemies. This main hook will be the only driving force as the player travels higher and higher in the Ziggurat, fighting increasingly difficult (though possibly squishy) enemies in a finite power level climb. Players will find themselves navigating dungeons, finding chests and loot, battling enemies in various arenas on each level, with the occasional boss fight to spice things up.


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They can then take their loot and bring it back to a hub world where they can sell, buy, or upgrade these various items in order to come back and level up.

This guide provides Sentinels with everything they need to know about dungeon navigation and tips for available builds and weapons.

start the game

There’s a lot the game doesn’t explain, especially when it comes to the game’s nearly endless menus. As an example, when the player first starts the game as a new character, he will have three different factions to choose from, which essentially serve as the classes of the game. However, the descriptions do not mention specifics, only giving brief lore-based explanations instead of perhaps more relevant questions the player may have before choosing one.

Players may feel a bit lost, especially once they drop into the Hub world, as most of the mechanics are just hinted at and not necessarily explained. Luckily for the player, they can find everything they need to know to get started and understand these menus using the guides provided below.

Weapons and buildings

The main gameplay loop isn’t too complicated. The fall of Babylon will see the player alternate between the central world and the various cloisters as they navigate linear dungeons. Players are encouraged to replay missions to collect additional loot, as regardless of the mission, the player will get loot appropriate to their power level.

Players will inevitably find themselves up against a wall, where a mission may have too high a power level, forcing the player to take a few steps back in order to take a step forward. It is the core of The fall of Babylon, and usually it only gets worse the higher the player goes. However, players looking to replay as little as possible can find help in the form of the following guides which provide combat advice and suggestions for preparation before departing on a mission.

combat mechanics

News and reviews

This section of the guide is devoted to news and opinions related to The fall of Babylon. Essentially, everything related to post-launch content and news will be organized here for player convenience. This section may be updated as additional news and opinions arise, so be sure to check back occasionally for that.



The fall of Babylon is available for PS4, PS5 and PC.

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