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After The register covered the eleven years and expecting to wait for Atlassian to provide custom domain names for its cloud products, readers pointed to an even older open request: CONFCLOUD-7247 was filed on November 1, 2006 and asks the software developer to allow the author’s edits to an existing page on his Confluence enterprise wiki.

As explained in the comments on the CONFCLOUD-7247 thread, changing the author is important because users assume that the person listed as the creator of a document is the best contact for queries or comments.

One commentator expressed his unease with this arrangement as follows:

Others point out that when importing content into Confluence, authorship of all documents sucked into their system is attributed to whoever added the content. This leaves some admins portrayed as the authors of documents they have nothing to do with, and users don’t know who wrote a document.

You can’t build everything all at once

Which seems very embarrassing, so we asked Atlassian why the request hadn’t been processed for 16 years!

“As avid users of our own products, we hear from customers in their frustration with a ticket that’s been open for 16 years,” an Atlassian spokesperson replied via email, adding: Publicly pick up voice of our customers and hold us accountable for product feedback. »

It’s hard to determine how responsible Atlassian is in this case, as the spokesperson later said, “As with any software product, we can’t build everything at once. Each quarter comes with tough decisions about prioritizing development based on customer impact and effort required to build that feature. »

“While it may seem like a simple change on the surface, a page’s author impacts page properties, notifications, and also has security and compliance considerations,” the holder added. word.

With the line on development priorities determined by the effort required to deliver, and it looks like CONFCLOUD-7247 hasn’t been deemed a priority for over sixty quarters, at least in part because it’s going to be hard to do .

The spokesperson practically admitted this as their missive continued.

“As for the specific issue of author change on a Confluence page, our assessment of effort versus customer value moved it down the priority list,” the author told us. spokesperson.

This contradicts a January 2022 article by Atlassian staff Divya Sriram, who wrote, “Fixing the ability to change the author of an existing page is on our priority list. Currently, we are focused on critical work to improve table formatting and Confluence Cloud page performance – issues that also affect a very wide range of users.

The Atlassian spokesperson highlighted 1many past additions to Confluence and roadmap it promises much more.

So Confluence users can probably be grateful for updates, especially since the product has serious security issues.

If you know of a feature request prior to CONFCLOUD-7247, from Atlassian or any other vendor or project, please email me and we’ll ask the culprits why they’re taking so long to sort things out . ®


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