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Astel, Naturalborn of the Void is a main boss located in an optional underground region of Elden Ring. You can face him at the end of the Lake of Rot, located in the Eternal City of Nokstella, at the end of the Ainsel River – accessible by progressing through Ranni the Witch’s questline or via a coffin in the Deep Depths.

To reach Astel, you’ll need to find a set of coffins at the edge of a rotting waterfall in the Great Cloister at the end of Rotting Lake.


Astel, Naturalborn of the Void Boss Battle Tips & Strategies

A hyper-aggressive malformed star, Astel is likely to make multiple attempts due to the ferocity of her attacks and the variety of moves she can pull off.

Entering the arena through the wall of mist, Astel will likely open the fight with a giant beam he summons between his mandibles. This attack, like many others Astel uses, requires slightly delayed reactions to avoid. For example, this beam is built as Astel raises his head back and then tilts it down to target you, and you’ll have to wait about a second with Astel in this state to dodge it while he drawn.

Astel uses his tail like a scorpion, gliding above his head, performing two slam attacks. Astel rises slightly into the air as he prepares for the slams, and like the beam, you’ll need to dodge later than expected once Astel lands again to sync up with the descending tail.

The majority of Astel’s attacks revolve around the use of gravitational energy; summoning purple spheres with cosmic-looking streaks. These either come in the form of swipes with his hands, leaving behind a vapor trail that explodes after a short delay. If you get caught in this vapor trail, you’ll have plenty of time to escape if you ride in the appropriate direction out of the way of the trail.

Because, especially if you’re a melee character, you’ll be spending most of your time under Astel’s midsection, he has a number of punishing attacks if you get too greedy. These play out like Astel summoning those purple spheres into his hands and slamming them into the ground, sending out pulsating waves of energy that will knock you back if they hit you. You can run through each of these waves, but it requires precise timing to try not to panic if you’re under Astel and see him preparing an attack. Another is that Astel creates a gravity well in a circle around itself, which you’ll notice by small rocks starting to float in that vicinity. After a few seconds, everything in that circle will start levitating before Astel slams it to the ground again. This can be an insta-kill move, so sprint from the radius and start running the second the slam hits the ground.

Astel also has mandible attacks that occur if you linger in front; a regular two-motion bite and an overcharged variant that is signaled by blue energy lining its mandibles. If caught by this, Astel will lift you into the air and almost always acts as an insta-kill by knocking you back to the ground.

If Astel bends down and a sphere begins to appear and vibrate above her body, she is about to teleport to another section of the arena. However, doing so will cause the sphere to explode outwards, so sprint as soon as it starts to do so. You’ll also want to keep your head on a swivel to know where it spawns, because if you don’t immediately see a new sphere signaling Astel’s arrival, he’s about to perform a slash attack at scale. the arena from above, if caught in its mandibles, results in instant death. Roll at the last moment to Astel if he does to avoid the move connecting.


At around 50% health, Astel can move his head back when cosmic portals appear behind him. As the portals begin to pulsate, they will repeatedly fire comets at you, raining down for a few seconds. No scope will protect you from those comets targeting you, so you’ll have to roll for your life as the comets begin to emerge from the portals.

After defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, you will earn the Memory of the Naturalborn.


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