Arma Reforger is getting a new update on Xbox


Bohemia Interactive announced a new update on the Xbox platform for Arma Reforge. The game will be updated today, June 16, starting today from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. This update will be the same as the PC update that ended yesterday, addressing a few client and server crashing issues, including other anomalies considered to be causing high load on the servers.

As for backend issues, access tokens should now refresh correctly, which should prevent loss of communication. Is this exactly when Arma Reforger is polished? The engine itself will now correctly ignore unknown classes at the end of a parent scope, unlike before. There are many more fixes, and you can find the official changelog just below.

Arma Reforger Changelog


  • Fixed: Finalizing connections while they are being established could crash the game
  • Fixed: Dedicated server shutdown issue
  • Tweaked: Network traffic optimization (characters and vehicles use half the traffic of the previous version on average)


  • Fixed: Mouse button binding
  • Fixed: TagMainIdle lacked IdleTurnMasterwhich can lead to excessive transitions and crashes from idle to motion
  • Fixed: potential crash in AI movement
  • Fixed: Map outlines were not always properly aligned with other map data
  • Fixed: An unused map descriptor in small conflict scenarios was visible
  • Fixed: Ladder position on church prefabs
  • Fixed: incorrect colliders on some walls
  • Fixed: A hidden dialog at the top of the main menu that prevented interacting with it
  • Fixed: RegisterVestigesPresence out of bounds access
  • Fixed: Vehicle and turret inventory slots can no longer be dragged and dropped
  • Fixed: Damage status event for vehicles
  • Fixed: Enemy direct talk UI is no longer visible
  • Fixed: searching for scenario-specific servers was not working
  • Fixed: Server browser would get stuck on the addon download screen if a multiplayer session required a newer version of the addon
  • Fixed: Server browser cache can be corrupted in some cases
  • Fixed: The default character animation state is always a bit different now, so characters don’t look like clones after spawning.
  • Fixed: Animations could crash the game in rare situations
  • Fix: Environment feedback has been addressed and a series of fixes have been applied to Everon
  • Fixed: Randomization of base callsigns
  • Fixed: Complete tutorial communication step with invalid condition
  • Fixed: call Identify. GetFullName() could crash the game
  • Fixed: mod version check not working properly
  • Fixed: Mods not displaying “update available” until a user explicitly requests data
  • Fixed: Scrolling in the workshop while loading add-ons could cause the game to crash
  • Fixed: several crashes in the workshop
  • Fixed: Workshop could get stuck if you open and close it in quick succession
  • Fixed: Incorrect links to Reforge wiki in main menu
  • Adjusted: BTR-70 and Ural shifting
  • Tweaked: Reduced throw speeds of all grenades
  • Tweaked: Reduced ADS toggle time on all weapons
  • Tweaked: Minor memory allocation optimization for AI perception
  • Adjusted: receiving on a second radio while transmitting on the platoon channel
  • Changed: Randomization of Remnants in Conflict (should be a little less predictable now)
  • Changed: Keybind to drop inventory item changed to X-key
  • Added: Wreck models for various vehicles
  • Added: Static models of various vehicle wrecks used on the map
  • Removed: Radio menu hint removed from VonDisplay


  • Fixed: Access tokens weren’t refreshing properly, which could lead to communication failure with the backend
  • Fixed: Workbench went into edit mode when communication with backend failed

In fusion

  • Fixed: script compiler issues
  • Fixed: Unknown classes at the end of a parent scope are now correctly ignored when reading containers


  • Fixed: Multiple terrain and road related crashes
  • Fixed: Terrain tool remained available even after deleting terrain
  • Fixed: road/flat layer would remain even after removing terrain
  • Fixed: Missing road/flat height map layer in some cases
  • Fixed: Roads were not always updating when sculpting terrain after deleting/creating or undoing/redoing operations
  • Fixed: incorrect list of surface materials in some cases
  • Fixed: Undoing terrain deletion could corrupt memory with invalid terrain modification information
  • Fixed: Renaming the terrain entity after undo/redo could cause the terrain to load again
  • Fixed: crash after disabling a hidden entity
  • Fixed: Crash after resetting a widget location
  • Fixed: Crash when deleting a point in the spline tool
  • Fixed: Overriding layouts in addons would result in duplicate widgets
  • Changed: Terrain tool max sculpting power increased to 5000.
  • Changed: Layout editor can now use prefabs from compressed data
  • Added: WAV file replacement in mods
  • Added: Starting Workbench with -Enable WARP CLI allows to work even without D3D12 compatible GPU
  • Removed: obsolete navmesh prefabs

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