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Last update: 02/05/21 – added links for Orundum production guide

In this guide, we go over some of the important things to know about your Rhodes Island Infrastructure Complex (RIIC), aka the base. The game already explains the basics well, so we’ll give a brief overview while focusing more on the less obvious or strategic elements.

RIIC is crucial for Operator development and provides many resources, so don’t overlook it!

The base consists of several different types of installations, which we will come back to below. The operators assigned to each of these facilities provide and receive various benefits depending on the type. Each operator has bonuses called RIIC Skills. These skills will take effect when an operator is stationed in a specific installation. When an operator works in a facility, his morale drops over time. When their Morale reaches 0, they are distracted and will no longer contribute to their bonus. The RIIC is the primary source of trust for operators, especially those not participating in combat. Each day, an operator will get confidence points once when they are parked in a facility. Assistants in the control room will get more points. You can find more details about trust, how it is acquired and what it is used for in this guide:


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