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The reroll involves resetting user data on the game in order to start over with a new account. This can be done in several different ways depending on the platform.

Data erasure

Android phone):

Step 1) In Settings, go to Apps & Notifications> Arknights> Storage & Cache. Clear app data. The application should still occupy about 1 GB.

Step 2) Reset Advertising ID. Go to Settings> Google> Ads> Reset Advertising ID.


1) Go to Settings> Privacy> Advertising (bottom menu)> “Reset advertising ID”

Note – there are error and bug reports for physical phone reminders. A full wipe, reinstall, and reset data identifier should work in most cases. Apple users seem to have the most difficulty getting a fresh start, possibly due to iCloud backing up app data / settings.

Update: (Android) This is a known and common bug where deleting data and cache results in a black screen when trying to start Arknights. This usually happens on Android 10.

Update: (iOS) Even with a full and hard uninstallation involving logging out of iCloud, disabling all iCloud related services, removing iCloud-based information, and “redeeming” the app on the App Store, the guest account somehow persists.

Dummy link / salt abuse

Aptly named, this requires a SALT compatible email address (like gmail). The gist of this method is that SALTing an email address makes it appear as a different email address for the purpose of relaunching while only requiring one email address. This allows people to link multiple Yostar accounts to a single address.

1) Make sure the account is a guest account.

2) At the top left of the main menu, there should be a gear. This is the Settings menu. In the Accounts tab, players can choose to link an account through a service of their choice (i.e. Yostar, Twitter, Facebook, or Apple. Note that Apple is only available on iOS devices) . Be careful with linking accounts, as they are currently bugged and cannot be untied.

3) Log into a Yostar account. When entering the email, type [email protected], where x is any number. For example, if the email is [email protected], the email entered would be [email protected], and a different number for any future raise.

4) Log out. The option should also be in the same account menu near the bottom.

5) On the main screen, select Guest account and create another account.


Emulators are currently the most recommended option for rerolling because of their robustness in controlling data and deleting accounts. They also offer a lot of flexibility and ease with tools like multi-instance emulation.

Regarding the emulator to use, several options are possible –

  • Nox – Nox supports multi-instance emulation. While Android 7 is recommended for compatibility when setting up the instance and resetting the Direct Ad ID, some earlier versions of Android can still reset it effectively by clearing the data from Google Play services. These processes should be the same as on a phone.
  • MuMu – MuMu allows you to relaunch by simply erasing the application data.

What should I do when I get the account I want?

Link this account right away!


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