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June 15:
New function of [Play Rehearsal] in [Crimson Collection]: It saves all the stories you have unlocked. You can review the story.

June 16:
An expansion with new battle nodes, themed nodes, events, ending and collectibles await your challenge.

RI Elite Operators recently added voice lines:
The IR Operators you encounter in Temporary Recruitment will have new Operator Voice Lines. They will lend you their strength in explorations.

New collectibles:

Scout’s Sniper Scope: Lock on targets, maintain accuracy, pull the trigger, destroy the enemy’s will to resist, all for the sake of that greater future. Scout can no longer see him. Or maybe you can help witness it.
Effect: When all enemies take damage from allies, other enemies take more damage (up to 100%).

“To concentrate”
The spotlight shines on the protagonist. The actor makes a last sign. Death comes suddenly, the play ends.
Effect: Each time an ally is deployed, 3000 artistic damage is inflicted on a random enemy and its surroundings.

Angelina’s creativity
The teenager does not hesitate to share her Originium Arts. She believes you will use it in the right place.
Effect: The movement speed of all enemies is reduced by 15% and the weight is reduced by one level.


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