Apple Stores lift mask mandate, plan to resume in-person visits Today at Apple


It was time. I’m sick of being handed a mask to walk into my local store. It has been proven over and over again that the mask does not prevent anything from spreading.

You’re right, they don’t, especially when they’re in your pocket or in the trash. I will always wear my mask when I am around people because this pandemic is not over no matter how many times business people say so. I have a friend who just contracted two weeks ago from people at work. Luckily, she didn’t have any major problems. As for your proclamation that a mask stops nothing, you are totally misinformed. I have an RZ mask with replaceable filters and I wash the outer shell and the first time I washed it the wash water was very dirty. This is what my MASK prevented from entering my lungs.

No, I’m afraid it’s you who are misinformed. A mask like this offers no protection against Covid. It reduces odors and particles (this is for carpenters and others). But the Covid virus particles are several times smaller than the openings in the filter. It doesn’t do much to stop the spread either. The only thing that protects the wearer with any effectiveness is a properly fitted N95 or better mask. And even that is not impressively effective.

And the pandemic is definitely over. Omicron ended it. Covid is rampant now and much less deadly. As a result, we are rapidly approaching herd immunity. If you want to wear your mask because you think it protects you or others, go for it. But it is nothing more than a theater of trauma-induced safety.


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