Anti-heroes who could have been part of the Thunderbolts


The D23 Expo gave us our first look at the cast of various upcoming movies and TV shows. The cast of The Thunderbolts was one of the most anticipated casting reveals.

We now know which anti-heroes will be part of The Thunderbolts. Yelena, Bucky, Valentina, Red Guardian, Ghost, US Agent, and Taskmaster are confirmed to be among them.

There are still other antiheroes who in the comics were part of The Thunderbolts but aren’t in the movie. Let’s take a look at these.


Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo in the comics is the leader of the Thunderbolts. Being under arrest by Wakanda, Zemo probably couldn’t make the team, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be in the movie.

Recent reports suggest that Zemo will be in the film. Fans believe it will be Valentina, who will bring the team together and they will be responsible for breaking Zemo out of jail.

The current leader of the Thunderbolts is rumored to be Yelena Belova, but if that fan theory is correct, we know who the leader will be if we get to see them again.



After appearing in She-Hulk Attorney At Law, Abomination reportedly joined The Thunderbolts. His six soulmates were originally supposed to be the six members of the Thunderbolts.

The series is still not over, so we don’t know what its fate will be at the end. Maybe he joins The Thunderbolts and is a surprise in the movie.



Mellisa Gold aka Screaming Mimi aka Songbird, in the comics, is a superhero who joins The Thunderbolts in hopes of doing good. Originally villainous, she transforms into a superhero and becomes second-in-command of the Thunderbolts.

Songbird continually tries to uncover Zemo’s plans for world domination in the comics. She has yet to be introduced in the MCU. Being an important member of the Thunderbolts, she is expected to be part of it.

ghost rider

Ghost Rider has been a fan favorite for years, whether it’s its live-action version or the comic book version. It has yet to be introduced in the MCU.

Robbie Reyes was introduced in Marvel’s Agents Of Shield but has not been confirmed as canon with the MCU. The latest episode of She-Hulk dropped a fun Easter egg featuring a magician named Donny Blaze, which makes Wong’s life difficult.

The Punisher

The Punisher

According to recent rumors, The Punisher will make its way into the MCU via The Thunderbolts. The Punisher in the comics has long been part of The Thunderbolts. Seeing him in the movie wouldn’t be such a big surprise, but it will be exciting.

The Thunderbolts in the comics have been a really great team for years. Apart from these, there are others that are not part of the team like Deadpool, Red Hulk and Electra…..

Let’s wait for the movie and see what Marvel has in store for us.


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