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Disney Dreamlight Valley is an upcoming free-to-play life simulation adventure game that features an extensive cast of characters consisting of heroes and villains from Disney and Pixar. Below is a full list of all the characters that have been confirmed to appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and the characters that have been potentially teased.


As more characters are announced for Disney Dreamlight Valley, we’ll be sure to keep this page up-to-date with all the latest information available.

All Confirmed Characters Set To Appear In Disney Dreamlight Valley

All Confirmed Disney Dreamlight Valley Characters

Since the initial trailer, 29 characters have been confirmed to appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley. A full list of all characters confirmed so far can be seen below:

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From Moana to Scrooge McDuck, here are all the Disney characters confirmed to appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


The little Mermaid

Three Disney Dreamlight Valley characters are from the Little Mermaid universe.


Ursula is a powerful sea witch who likes to make deals with people, but beware, her deals might not be as good as they seem.

Check out our Ursula wiki guide on how to unlock this character in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what you can do to befriend her.


Ariel is the youngest daughter of King Triton. As such, she is one of the Seven Princesses of Atlantica.

This little mermaid has an endless curiosity about the human world, which leads her to make a dangerous deal with Ursula, where she trades her beautiful voice to become human and get a pair of legs.


Check out our Ariel wiki page to learn how to unlock this character in Disney Dreamlight Valley.



Two Disney Dreamlight Valley characters are from the Moana universe.


Moana is an energetic and optimistic woman who happens to be the daughter of the leader of Motunui, making her an official Disney Princess. Moana cares deeply for her people and will do anything for them, including selling across the ocean to save them from a terrible fate.

Don’t forget to read our Moana wiki page to find out what you can do to unlock this character.



Maui is a powerful demigod who has helped humanity on many occasions, but he is as powerful as he is self-centered, so dealing with him can be exhausting. Nonetheless, he’s an amazing addition to the vale and can come in really handy once you start questing for him.

For example, one of Maui’s quests takes you to grow coconuts on the beach, while another quest takes you to have a reinforced pickaxe that can destroy bluish tropical rocks on the beach.

If you want to know how to bring Maui to the valley, check out our Maui wiki page.

Mickey and his friends

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Mickey and nearly all of his friends appear. These are the characters available in the game

mickey mouse

Mickey Mouse is a cheerful young mouse who would do anything for his friends. At Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, he loves to garden but is deeply saddened by the passing of his beloved Minnie.


Minnie Mouse


Goofy is one of Mickey’s best friends, he’s always ready to help, but his clumsiness leads to more trouble. Goofy likes to fish, so you’ll often find him near the ocean or a river trying to catch something.

On our Dingo wiki page you will find all the information you need about Dingo and the role he plays in the Valley.

Donald Duck

Donald is another of Mickey’s closest friends. He means well but has a fiery temper that often causes him to throw tantrums wherever he goes.



Scrooge is Donald’s uncle and a businessman at heart. He is always looking for ways to make a profit and take his many businesses to the next level. Whatever he does seems to pay off as he is one of the few money-swimming ducks.

The sword in the stone

At the moment, there is only one character in Disney Dreamlight Valley who comes from The Sword in the Stone universe.


Merlin is one of the most powerful wizards you will ever meet. Not only can he do magic, but he has the power to shapeshift, see into the future, cast enchantments, perform alchemy, and more! As you can see, it’s best to have this Wizard as a friend, making him an incredible asset to the Valley.

Read our Merlin wiki page to learn more about this character, including what you can gift him to increase your friendship and the rewards that come with each friendship level.




We know Kristoff’s three things: he knows his way on the ice, his best friend in the world is a reindeer named Sven, and he loves Princess Anna with all his heart.




Here are all the Tangled characters that appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Mother Gothel


Mother Gothel wants to preserve her youth at all costs and will do everything to achieve this, even removing the baby Rapunzel from her cradle to lock her in a secret tower. Although some of her actions may not always be morally right, she will be a valuable addition to the valley.

Pixar Characters

Here are all the Pixar characters confirmed to appear in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

toy story

  • Buzz Lightyear (coming to the game this fall)
  • Woody (coming to the game this fall)


For the moment, only one character in this game is from the Wall-E universe.



Wall-E is a friendly robot whose only job is to make his planet cleaner and greener so that humans can return home one day.

Check out our Wall-E guide on how to unlock this robot and get it to the valley.


Only one Disney Dreamlight Valley character is from the Ratatouille universe.


Remy is a Paris rat with big dreams and an incredible talent for cooking. Don’t let its size fill you up; this little guy can create the most fantastic dishes in all of Paris.

Check out our Remy wiki page to learn how to unlock this character.


Rumored characters

While these characters didn’t make an appearance in the official trailer announcement, some locations shown have led us to believe that we’ll likely see characters from the following films:

Did you find a character we were missing? Let us know in the comments below!

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