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This page from IGN’s Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga guide details everything you need to know about the game’s various DLC character packs, including prices, release date, and characters included in each pack!

Character Pack DLCs Explained


Character Packs are seven additional packs for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which add between 4-7 characters in 2-4 character classes. Each can be purchased individually, or you can purchase them all at once with the Character Collection DLC. Here are each in different currencies:

  • Individual character pack: US$2.99 ​​- CA$3.99 – €2.99 – £2.49 – AUD$4.55
  • Character collection: US$14.99 – CA$19.99 – €14.99 – £11.99 – AUD$22.95

Every character in the DLC packs

The table below lists all of the DLC packs, the characters they contain, and, if possible, each character’s classes. Use this information to decide if a character pack is right for you!

The fastest way to buy all character classes

You can also unlock all character classes by using cheat codes or going through the story in a specific order to unlock them quickly! For more information, see the link below:

One of the reasons you might want to purchase the various character packs is for quick access to all character classes in the game. Although each character class can be unlocked through normal play, characters purchased through The Character Pack DLC are available from the start of the game and will only be limited for story reasons.


If you’re determined to unlock character classes with DLC character packs, here’s the minimum you need to buy. It will cost you around $9 USD:

  • The Mandalorian Season 1 OR Season 2: Bounty hunter
  • Classic Character Pack: Jedi, villain and dark side
  • A thug OR Soldier Pack: Bad

The Mandalorian Season 1/2 packs are included as they are the only ones to include Bounty Hunter characters. Likewise, the Classic Character Pack is the only one to include a Dark Side character. Finally, only the Rogue One and Trooper packs contain a Villain character, so pick whichever you prefer. We left out the Hero class because the first mission of each episode unlocks one for free.

The only classes left out are Scavenger, Astromech, and Protocol Droids. Here’s how you can unlock them quickly:

  • For Protocol and Astromech droids, complete Boarding Party, the first story mission of Episode IV: A New Hope. This will give you R2-D2 and C-3PO.
  • For a Scavenger class characterstart Episode VII: The Force Awakens until you Falls for falls tutoring assignment. Along with unlocking Rey, you’ll also unlock her three Scavenger tools, which you’re supposed to have for any Scavenger-based puzzle in the game.

While The Mandalorian: Season 1 Pack includes a Scavenger character in Kuiil, he’s functionally useless until you’ve completed the Scraps for Scraps tutorial in Episode VII to unlock his Scavenger tools. However, this will also unlock Rey, a free Scavenger character, meaning you can by The Mandalorian: Season 2 Pack to the same effect.

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