Adoption of my project by Wikipedia, one of the highlights of 2021 — Tunde Oladimeji


Tunde Oladimeji, an actor and producer whose exploits in documentary production set him apart and earned him an AMVCA nomination in 2020, has announced that his latest effort, Erinle the Covenant movie will hit theaters and Neflix this year, following its partnership with US Library of Congress and wiki languages. Oladimeji, who made this known when talking about his creative endeavors in 2021 and what his fans should expect from him in 2022, said last year was a great year filled with promises made and promises kept.

According to him, “it was a year of learning and unlearning. I have tackled many great projects and I think the experience I have accumulated over the years has paid off. I was able to produce and direct a documentary on Yoruba dialects made possible by Wikipedia, in partnership with the US Library of Congress and wiki languages.

“It was a project that opened my eyes to the diversity of unity in our world. We traveled all over the Yoruba speaking areas of Nigeria for the documentary and it’s been an enriching experience, it was the only project adopted by Wikipedia for the International Day of Indigenous Peoples. It is also adopted for many international Wikipedia projects. It was a highlight of the year for me,” the AMVCA nominee said.

Her latest Erinle effort, The Covenant is a film that examines the socio-cultural dimensions of the Nigerian environment. It is a film that incorporates various storytelling elements to take viewers on a journey; a quest to explore their inner spirit, society, culture and anesthetics and various aspects of human life.

The film, which was shot at several locations in Oyo, Lagos and Osun states, will premiere before mid-year and soon after it will be shown in cinemas and on the one of the leading standard online streaming platforms. It features a stellar cast of Lateef Adedimeji, Jide Kosoko, Yemi Solade, Jumoke Odetola, Sola Fosudo, Joke Muyiwa, Ralph Niyi, and Tunde Oladimeji himself.

For Tunde Oladimeji, 2021 has been a full creative year that has brought him to many twists and commissions. “I have done many documentaries like the documentary Folorunso Alakija @ 70, commissioned by Oṣùn State University. It’s a different kind of documentary that requires a particular approach, but it was another fantastic experience. The year ended for me on a high note with the production of my favorite project, Erinle the pact.

“This film is a project of which I am particularly proud. It’s a film I’ve had in my mind for years and I’m grateful to Olódùmarè and the people around me who have offered so much help and support in so many ways. You know, when you are aligned with people who see a particular vision as you see it, achieving the vision becomes easier.

“Like all good things, the movie project started by chance. I was working on a different project with a friend and we almost moved on to this one. But along the line, I decided I had to do it. immediately and I started it.

It’s an unusual story and it was achieved through great attention to detail. Erinle was a bit difficult because we had several filming locations; each was a different experience, different character and different approach. My family, friends and fans have been fantastic throughout, they’ve been overwhelmingly supportive and I’m so grateful for that.”


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