A pilot saves the lives of her passengers

Captain Monica Khanna is the pilot of the Patna-Delhi SpiceJet Boeing 737 flight which had to make an emergency landing after an engine caught fire in flight. The engine caught fire after takeoff in Patna and Khanna made an emergency landing.

Monica Khanna saved the lives of her 185 passengers after the engine caught fire by shutting down the affected engine and making a safe emergency landing at Patna airport. All passengers are safe and evacuated safely.

Captain Khanna had to perform an overweight emergency landing, which is a landing performed at a gross weight greater than the structural landing weight of the model. Overweight landings are usually done when the pilot has to return to the take-off airport, which Khanna had to do.

Biography of Monica Khanna

Captain Monica Khanna is a highly skilled pilot with Indian airline SpiceJet Limited. Khanna joined SpiceJet Limited in 2018 and was the pilot in command of the Boeing 737 Patna-Delhi SpiceJet.

Khanna has gone viral due to her quick thinking and skill while navigating the plane. Social media users and airline representatives praised her for saving the lives of her passengers.

Jay Prakash Narayan Patna Airport Manager Anchal Prakash spoke about what was wrong with the plane’s engine. He said: “The left engine of SpiceJet flight SG-723 was damaged and caught fire due to a bird strike.”

Prakash then praised Khanna and his first officer Balpreet Singh Bhatia for their “sensible and cold approach”.

SpiceJet flight operations chief Gurucharan Arora said Khanna and Bhatia were “calm throughout and handled the aircraft well”.

Arora added that when the plane landed, only one engine of the plane was running. Engineers confirmed that all three blades and one engine had been damaged by a bird strike.

Captain Monica Khanna and First Officer Balpreet Singh Bhatia joined the investigation led by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the internal investigation led by SpiceJet. Khanna and Bhatia will not be deployed for air operations for several days.

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