A nuclear-powered flying hotel is a fun (if ridiculous) new concept


An extravagant nuclear-powered floating hotel concept has been unveiled, designed to fly with 20 electric motors and an AI pilot in near-nonstop flight.

As reported by The IndependentHashem Al-Ghaili posted a YouTube video showing the concept plans for the Sky Cruise ship, dubbed “the hotel of the future”, which can accommodate 5,000 guests. Its design combines “the features of a commercial aircraft while providing the epitome of luxury” for passengers arriving at the hotel by airliner or private jet.

The narrator claims that Sky Cruise would have no carbon footprint, as it would have 20 electric motors powered solely by “clean nuclear energy”. This theoretically means that the hotel would never run out of fuel and could stay aloft for several years without ever needing to touch the ground, with maintenance and repairs also being carried out above the clouds.

The cruiser concept, originally designed by Tony Holmsten and reimagined in Al-Ghaili’s animations, features a control bridge that would use AI to predict air turbulence so it could “glide easily on vibration”, as well as a medical facility equipped with technology to ensure the safety, health and fitness of passengers during their journey.

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