A non-profit organization focused on African creatives and African cultural soft power launches with AfroCreatives WikiProject funded by the Wikimedia Foundation


The Africa Narrative (TAN), a non-profit organization focused on supporting African creatives, is today launching AfroCreatives WikiProject, funded by the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that supports Wikipedia and other projects from free knowledge. AfroCreatives WikiProject is the first in a series of initiatives and programs that TAN will be announcing over the coming months.

Originally established as a research-driven project aimed at generating greater public knowledge of Africa, The Africa Narrative is relaunching as a not-for-profit organization with a mission to build the capacity of Africa’s creative economy. and to amplify the global visibility of African cultural soft power. Registered as a tax-exempt non-profit organization in the United States and South Africa, TAN will be based in Johannesburg and run and staffed entirely by Africans on the continent.

“Not only are creatives increasingly at the forefront of shaping the continent’s image on the world stage, but they are also the drivers of Africa’s increasingly vital creative sector, which is nonetheless vastly underfunded, under -developed and captures less than 3% of the global creative economy,” said Michelle van Gilder, Founder and Acting Executive Director of TAN.“In response, TAN has developed a dozen initiatives, including AfroCreatives WikiProject, to support African creatives and amplify global visibility of Africa’s extraordinary creative genius.

The AfroCreatives Wiki Project was developed to support and engage people in the African cultural and creative industries, as well as African culture enthusiasts, to contribute and enhance knowledge on Wikipedia about Africa’s creative economy. Its inaugural effort, launched this month, focuses on the film industries of Egypt, Nigeria, Rwanda and Senegal.

On July 16, TAN will launch a three-week campaign, AfroCreatives WikiProject +movie, encouraging new and established Wikipedia contributors, including film industry creatives, professionals and moviegoers from each of these countries, to add film-related content to Wikipedia. On the same day, TAN will organize four online training sessions in French, Arabic and English for new Wikipedia editors. The training sessions will provide simple and essential editing know-how that will enable anyone to start contributing to Wikipedia.

As one of the most visited websites in the world, Wikipedia is an indispensable global resource, yet only 15% of edits to the site come from the African continent; it is an obvious platform for TAN to devote its attention to. “We are incredibly optimistic about what will be a long-term commitment from TAN to engage creatives and culture enthusiasts to have a noticeable impact on the growth of African-generated content on Wikipedia and we are deeply grateful support from the Wikimedia Foundation to help lead this effort,” added van Gilder.

Foundation support includes a Wikimedian-in-Residence dedicated to the AfroCreatives WikiProject. Daniel Damoilola Obiokeke has contributed to English and Simplified Wikipedia, Commons and Wikidata for the past six years. He has started over 200 (https://bit.ly/3axoUW5) articles on English Wikipedia and has hosted several Wikimedia campaigns, contests and edit-a-thons in Nigeria.

“Our partnership with TAN reflects a broader commitment by the Wikimedia Foundation to making the Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects a true reflection of global knowledge. With only 1.5% of Wikipedia editors coming from the African continent, this partnership presents a much needed opportunity not only to add the missing content on African creatives, but also to increase the number of Africans contributing knowledge on Wikipedia projects and Wikimedia,” said Rudolph Ampofo, Senior Regional Partnerships Manager at the Wikimedia Foundation.

“The entertainment and creative industry in Africa is huge in terms of revenue and production and yet it is not talked about much in the world’s largest encyclopaedia. With the Afrocine project already bridging this gap with its previous campaign, this project is important to collaborate and achieve more by ensuring that more African creatives engage with Wikimedia projects and bridge the biases and systemic gaps that exist. said Ayokanmi Oyeyemi, adviser to the AfroCreatives WikiProject.

For more information on The Africa Narrative, visit www.TheAfricaNarrative.org

For more information on the AfroCreatives WikiProject and register for AfroCreatives WikiProject + cinema campaign click here (https://bit.ly/3Of3wmt).

Download AfroCreatives Wiki Project +movie social media toolkit by clicking here.

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About The Africa Narrative (TAN):
The Africa Narrative is a non-profit organization that develops unique, high-impact initiatives in favor of African creatives and African cultural and creative industries. Through programs and projects centered on research, content creation, prizes and scholarships, as well as large-scale events and campaigns, we aim to build the capacity of the continent’s creative economy and amplify global visibility of African cultural soft power. The Africa Narrative is registered as a tax-exempt non-profit organization in the United States and South Africa.

About the Wikimedia Foundation:
The Wikimedia Foundation is the non-profit organization that manages Wikipedia and Wikimedia’s other free knowledge projects. Our vision is a world in which every human being can freely share the sum of all knowledge. We believe that everyone has the potential to contribute something to our shared knowledge and that everyone should be able to freely access this knowledge. We host Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects, create software experiences for reading, contributing, and sharing Wikimedia content, support volunteer communities and partners that make Wikimedia possible, and advocate for policies that allow Wikimedia and free knowledge to thrive .

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