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Colin Morris, who has written a few underused Wikipedia articles, wanted to find least viewed article on Wikipedia. He did some interesting data analysis of Wikipedia articles and learned that the least viewed articles have two things about them: they have “low popular interest” and they’re unlikely to be picked up when you click. on the not-so-random Wikipedia article. “Random Item” button.

Here is Morris’ list of 500 least read Wikipedia articles in 2021. Here are the final ten. None of the articles had more than 5 views in 2021:

“The list is remarkably consistent in its subject matter,” he says:

  • A large majority of them relate to species or other taxa of insects (plus 17 gastropods, and a fungus).
  • The second most common category is obscure geographical features, specifically (for some reason) cities in Iran and Sri Lanka. My favorite is the delightfully laconic Kalberbuckel.
  • Another recurring genre are index articles defined as C24H31FO5, Dottley, Sukmanovkaand great polemonium. (A set index article is a page that looks and functions like a disambiguation page but isn’t, for some reason.)

Result: If you want to write the least popular article on Wikipedia, do one on a Sri Lankan moth.


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