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It’s been a while since the update arrived, and the dust has settled since the rather rocky start of the 2.15 update. The announcement of Rodrigues Solitaire going from huntable to Event Exclusive has certainly caused a storm of anger and disappointment in the community. We have seen this expressed on forums, JWA Discord servers, etc. (At the end of this letter, you can find images of player opinions not only on this change, but also on event-exclusive creatures in general). The purpose of this letter is to tell you about the number of event-exclusive creatures and the impact on hunting as a relevant and essential component of this game. The number of event-exclusive creatures introduced in each bet recent update is just too high.

When I started Jurassic World Alive in early 2018, hunting was a key part of this game. You had to physically go out and launch dinosaurs to get your hands on powerful creatures. When a player managed to unlock Trykosaurus, a Unique consisting of three incredibly hard-to-find creatures that needed to be leveled up pretty high for the time of the game, it was a feat worth celebrating! The game has rewarded you with an incredibly strong creature! The player felt that this achievement was worth his time and effort. Soon, new ways to obtain creatures began, with Battle Exclusives, where you could only get a creature’s DNA from incubators. It encouraged you to fight and get incubators, rewarding you when you win. How to earn a lot? By improving your creatures. How are you doing that? By going out and collecting the resources needed for the hunt. In this way, hunting and combat went hand in hand, complementing each other and rewarding you with creature DNA for your efforts and achievements.

However, Update 1.2 introduced a concept that would later be known as Event-Exclusive Creatures. The introduction of Blue marked the first time a player could not collect non-hybrid DNA from the arena or the map. You had to rely on the Event Drops that Ludia uses for weekly events, which created a serious problem if you wanted to cast anything else, as there was no other method to get our favorite raptor. In later updates, other exclusive events such as Dsungaripterus, Diplodocus, Brachiosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Woolly Mammoth, and Nasutoceratops, to name a few, began to be introduced. The number of exclusive events slowly increased, and players wrote to Ludia about the difficulty in obtaining the necessary DNA for these creatures and their respective hybrids that were introduced. Introducing Shrines in the 1.8 update, this new feature allowed people to get their hands on exclusive event DNA at a more steady pace. We could use our food, our interaction, and our toys to get the DNA from these creatures. The higher the shrine, the more DNA you’ll get, which also encouraged teamwork between alliances. However, this new addition also opened the floodgates to more event-exclusive creatures.

As of Update 2.15, 21 out of 155 creatures are event-exclusive creatures. This includes the new Rodrigues Solitaire, which I will now shorten to Rodrigo. Rodrigo caused quite a stir when Ludia announced that he would be moving from Hunter on the Map to Event Exclusive, with the community actively expressing their disbelief and disappointment at this last-minute decision. This change has correctly angered a lot of players, and many players have expressed their frustration over it, mentioning that it’s “yet another cash grab” to quote a community member from the JWA Discord server. Two days after the update, a Rodrigo Incubator was also sold in the store. As a business decision, this may be considered smart, but this type of change should not be made at the very last second. Timing matters. If Ludia wanted Rodrigo to be an exclusive event, it should have been advertised as an exclusive event from the start. The last minute change was horrible. This is how a company loses a player base, and this is ultimately what you need to make a game work and be profitable. I get it, a game has to make money. But there’s also a community aspect to a game that leads to success – it’s a balance. Last minute change to something the community was looking forward to and then removing it is a really good way to kill a playerbase.

These 21 event-exclusive creatures have all nurtured many powerful creatures, all of which excel in raids, tournaments, and the arena. The problem is that with every recent update, either a new event exclusive creature is introduced with an incredibly powerful and meta-defining hybrid, or an older event exclusive creature gets its first or second incredibly powerful hybrid. and defining the meta. This immediately makes older hybrids irrelevant and simply outclassed. And this is actually limited to most event-exclusive creatures. When we look at the latest tier list from Game Press, all but 3 Tyrants (the highest tier creatures) have an event-exclusive creature as a component. If we also factor in High Elite (the third highest tier), we get 17 out of 44 creatures in the Tyrant and High Elite tiers to have an Event Exclusive component or be Event Exclusive. If we remove the Apexes that can be obtained through raids, that means we have 17 out of 36 creatures in those top two tiers that contain event-exclusive DNA, or almost 50%. And the most shocking part? All new hybrids and creatures enhanced with Event Exclusive DNA are entered directly into the first 3 tiers, which are considered JWA’s meta, specifically the two Tyrant tiers.

The development of more and more Event Exclusives being the absolute top tier creatures with each update is once again evident under Albertocevia, who immediately proved to be the absolute best Unique in the game. It’s a contender solid for the best creature in the game. This happened just two updates after Albertosaurus’ other hybrid, Albertospinos, received a buff where he became one of the strongest creatures in the game. Now , along with Albertocevia, Albertospinos immediately became irrelevant, as Albertocevia just outclassed him in every possible way. This seems to be a trend with Event Exclusive Hybrids and to some extent any new creatures that are introduced, but especially with Event Exclusive Hybrids. Ankylos Lux, Arctovasilas, Albertocevia, Ardontognathus, Parasauthops, Skoonasaurus, Andrewtops – some of the creatures from recent updates that have shaped the meta, and some are already drawing their power from the meta. The fact that more and more powerful creatures are being introduced, each requiring hard-to-obtain components that we can’t really seek out other than rotating supply drops for FIP items to use at shrines is just incredibly demoralizing. The excitement for Jurassic World Alive is about the hunt, not the FIP. People want to get out and explore, not sit in a chair and fip their way to new creatures. That’s not how this game started, and that’s not how this game should be now.

Ludia and Jam City, we love this dinosaur game. Living Jurassic World. LIVE creatures in our world – our town, our city, our park – to hunt and flex. We like to get out and explore our neighborhood to hunt for the dinosaurs we need to create our superpowered hybrids. The last thing we want is for all new and exciting toys to be locked behind a wall that can only be overcome by paying or waiting for you to leave an event for it. We want hunting to become relevant again. We want to relive once again the excitement we had in the past, from hunting rare creatures to unlocking the mighty Unique or Legendary. It was rewarding. Currently, with shrines and required FIP items, this is not the case. We really want hunting to be fun and enjoyable again, but things have to change for that to happen. The number of event-exclusive creatures is too high and we, the community, would like to see that changed.

GamePress will publish a follow-up article to this letter in the coming week where we will offer some solutions to the hunting problem that we and the community have found. An example being a monthly rotation system, similar to how hybrid tracking works. Each month, one or two event exclusives become world creatures for a month. For example, in April, Bumpy and Cervalces will be huntable, while in May, Rodrigo and Blue become huntable. This gives JWA Hunters a chance to obtain valuable DNA that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. We’ll dive deeper into ideas like this in the future article, so be sure to watch our media channels for this one.

I want to repeat that the community really wants the best for this game, even if we don’t always praise it. We all stuck around for a reason, and that’s the hope that one day Jurassic World Alive will once again become a great game to play. But to do that, we need to see some changes in hunting and power creep. We understand that this may not be something to easily fix or implement, but communication about it or a mention that it is in fact a priority for Ludia/Jam City would go a long way. I sincerely hope that this letter will reach you and that the message I want to convey will also pass. I remind you once again that there will be screenshots of player quotes below this letter, where the community shared their opinion on event exclusivity and Rodrigo’s move to event exclusivity. ‘event.




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