A Concept Trailer For Bloodborne II Was Made On Unreal Engine 5 And It Looks Absolutely Stunning


A team of artists imagined what a future Bloodborne remake/sequel will look like, and they did a spectacular job. The concept trailer uses Unreal Engine 5 to show what Yharnam looks like. The world fits seamlessly into the game engine as its signature gothic style comes to life.

No character models or gameplay of any kind were featured in the trailer, as they focused on showing what a modern take on the game might look like.

Bloodborne II concept trailer on Unreal Engine 5 is spectacular

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Enfant Terrible is an artist collective with a YouTube channel that showcases the work of its in-house artists. The channel recently released a trailer for a Bloodborne sequel that runs on Unreal Engine 5 but looks like the real deal.

FromSoftware has its own proprietary engine for Soulsborne games, but this concept trailer really shows off the realism and scenic beauty that Unreal Engine 5 can bring to Souls games.

Thanks for playing #ELDENRING & for all your support over the months following the release. We appreciate all the discussions surrounding the game and are working on further improvements for future updates. We hope you continue to enjoy your adventures in the Lands Between.

FromSoftware’s main focus right now is Elden Ring, along with regular patch updates and DLC for the title. When Bluepoint Games released their Demon Souls remake, fans expected the popular game to follow the same path. However, that was not the case.

The classic title was released in 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and established itself as one of the best Soulsborne titles ever made. The only gripe fans have with the game today is the fact that there’s still no way to play the game on PC.

Sony and FromSoftware have remained silent on the subject, and fans are resorting to other ways to relive the experience. There’s a Bloodborne Demake that’s been created by an indie developer, which is extremely fun to play, but it’s unclear if it will make it to next-gen consoles.

Bloodborne is a fantastic Soulsborne experience that takes players on an immaculate journey through Yharnam. The game is perfect and can still be enjoyed even today. Many enemy concepts can be seen in games that followed the Gothic masterpiece, and it remains one of the best IPs in FromSoftware’s library.

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