78 of the best “edited” screenshots parodying Wikipedia content, as shared by this dedicated Twitter page


Let’s be clear on one thing. Wikipedia is an amazing tool for doing any type of research. Of course, teachers and people in general have good reason to warn people about its unreliability – after all, it’s run by dedicated users and editors. But if you are ever in doubt, check the resources. The internet cannot change that.

What he can do, however, is still have some safe fun with him. Since anyone can write and edit anything on Wikipedia, it has become a bit of a sport among Internet users to slip details that otherwise would never be present in an encyclopedic article. Note that this is considered a form of vandalism and if you are going to do it, do it how this twitter page does so, harmlessly with the Inspect Elements tool.

Yes, there is a Twitter page, aptly called Wikipedia, but I made them upwho “vandalizes” Wikipedia articles using a very innocuous browsing tool to make it look like it’s the real thing, then takes a screenshot of it and then everyone laughs at the sheer absurdity of it all .

bored panda collected the best of the best posts found on the page and created the neat little listicle for you to enjoy below. So go vote, go comment, share the article with your funny friends, and above all, don’t edit Wikipedia articles for fun. We’ll explain what you can do instead, if you insist on having fun.

More information: Wikipedia, but I made them up


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