5 Things Players Can Do With A Bunker In GTA Online


While it’s fun and fun to spend hours in Adversary Modes and Deathmatches, the real money in GTA Online is in its various activities. Owning several of these businesses allows players to passively earn a lot of money and increase their daily in-game payout.

Of all the properties available in GTA Online, one of the most useful and valuable to invest in is the Bunker. Not only is the Bunker an extremely cool property to have, but it’s also a very useful property that opens up a lot of possibilities for the player.

There are a total of 11 bunkers to choose from starting at $1,165,000 and increasing in price with every change and feature added to said bunker. The location and accessibility of these bunkers will affect its price. It mainly depends on the preferences of the player.

However, each bunker will provide much of the same facilities and functionality in GTA Online. Here are 5 things a player can do in GTA Online if they own a bunker.

5 Things Players Can Do With A Bunker In GTA Online

1) Arms trafficking

Gunrunning is one of the best ways to generate passive income in GTA Online and make a huge profit on an hourly basis. Essentially, instead of buying supplies and restocking their bunker, players can choose to steal supplies instead and then sell them for a massive profit.

This way players can earn huge amounts of money quickly and consistently while doing other things in the game simultaneously. The Gunrunning business should definitely be a priority for every GTA Online player, as it’s quite simply one of the most valuable businesses in the game.

2) Shooting Range

Besides monetary value, the bunker also provides players with their own shooting range. It works similarly to the Gun Range that one would find in Ammu-Nation.

It’s cool because players can spend time in their shooting range by simply improving their shooting attribute. Just practicing and perfecting your aim in GTA Online can help you get far in the game and survive one-on-one fights with other players in the game.


Based on pure looks, the MOC is an extremely imposing vehicle in the game and immediately presents itself as an attractive option. Not only is it a powerful vehicle capable of dealing damage and absorbing some of it, but its main value lies in its ability to store weaponized vehicles as well as a ton of other cool stuff.

Not only that, but the MOC also gives players access to its missions, which they can complete for money and RP. MOC missions are a great way to earn extra cash with 2-4 players in the game.

4) Weapon Workshop (in MOC)

Although the Special Carbine and other weapons in the game work quite admirably, once the player gets their hands on the MKII weapons there is no going back.

The Weapon Workshop basically allows the player to develop more powerful variants of the weapons they already own. MKII weapons are hilarious and some of the most useful tools in GTA Online.

More often than not, the player with the bigger, faster gun will usually emerge victorious in a one-on-one fight, and there are rarely bigger, faster guns than MKIIs.

5) Trade prices on armed vehicles

Weaponized vehicles in GTA Online offer some of the best value for money in the game. Not only are they visually impressive beasts, but they can pretty much take on anything the player throws at them.

Vehicles like the Oppressor MKII are some of the most useful vehicles in the game, and owning one will ensure they progress faster. By completing the Bunker Resupply missions, players can unlock trade prices on a ton of vehicles in Warstock Cache and Carry.

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