5 Special Edition Pickup Trucks You’ve Never Heard Of


For many generations, pickup trucks have handled the workload. Whether on the family farm pulling a trailer full of hay or on the construction site, these trucks get the job done. Every once in a while, automakers have a crazy idea and build special-edition pickup trucks that tickle the imagination and take these vehicles away from their humble roots. Some of these special models are coming into production while others are just concepts.

Let’s have fun and explore some of these special trucks.

The Dodge Dude was a special edition pickup truck with a western theme

Dodge Dude | Wiki Commons

The late 1960s featured many western-themed television shows, and Dodge decided to use that popularity. The D-Series line of trucks from this era were designed to be tough and rugged, just like the characters from the shows.

The Dude brought a few special features to the regular D-Series truck, including:

  • A tachometer
  • Improved interior
  • Powerful 383 V8 engine producing 300 horsepower

The Dodge Dude stood out with its wide black “C” stripe down the side of the truck, giving this truck a hint of muscle car inspiration.

Do you remember the Jeep Gladiator Honcho?

Jeep Gladiator Honcho
Jeep Gladiator Honcho | Wiki Commons

The last Jeep truck, the Gladiator, did not have a unique name. This name, used in the 1970s, gave Jeep something unique to offer. The Jeep Gladiator Honcho was a special-edition pickup truck that departed from the gas-guzzling V8 engines of the era. The Honcho was a special version of the Gladiator, giving owners:

  • Unique interior elements
  • Special wheels
  • All terrain tires
  • A winch
  • Two engine options, including a 401 AMC V8

While the Honcho was a pretty cool truck, Jeep only produced 1,500 in seven years. Today, the remaining models are collectible trucks with high prices.

Chevy has gone to the extreme with a special-edition pickup truck

This Chevrolet 454 SS Is One Of The Fastest Special Edition Pickup Trucks Ever Made
Chevrolet 454 SS | Wiki Commons

The Chevrolet 454 SS looks like a muscle car, but it was a pickup truck. More than twenty years of poor numbers and strict regulations frustrated the Chevy team enough to put their biggest engine in their smallest truck and offer it to the public. In the early 1990s, that meant taking the smaller Chevy 1500 with a short bed and shoving the 454 V8 engine under the hood.

The result was a truck with 385 lb-ft of torque that knocked it off the line. Horsepower for the Chevrolet 454 SS was only 255, but with the high torque figures, it was a sprint machine.

The Lincoln Blackwood was a unique offering

This Lincoln Blackwood Concept shows its only real flaw
Lincoln Blackwood Concept | Getty Images

Unfortunately, not all special edition pickup models make it to market. The Lincoln Blackwood was released in the early 2000s to piggyback on the success of the Navigator SUV. The idea of ​​a luxury pickup truck was interesting and Lincoln used the popular Ford F-150 platform, but that truck didn’t catch on.

The problem for the Lincoln Blackwood was in the bed. The custom bed offered a swing-door tailgate and an electric hard cover. This loading area was also much smaller than the other trucks. This made the Blackwood a good family hauler, but not a useful truck.

The GMC Beau James turned some heads

The GMC Beau James turned a few heads in the 1970s
GMC Beau James | Wiki Commons

The love affair of pickups has never been greater than in the 1970s. Because of this feeling, Motor Addict shows us how GMC has transformed an ordinary truck into something special. The GMC Beau James took a regular model and created a special-edition pickup truck with some added Cadillac luxury styling.

Some of these elements included:

  • Two-tone paint job
  • wire wheel covers
  • Stylish whitewall tires

The truck’s performance didn’t change anything, but GMC Beau James drivers turned a few heads on the road.

Check out the next article and see how the Ford Lightning name is resurrected from a special-edition pickup truck.

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