5 Best Minecraft YouTubers for Building Tips in 2022


Minecraft offers a massive world for players to play in and build almost anything they want using hundreds of blocks. Due to the possibilities, there are various YouTubers whose content revolves around building in-game items.

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has been known for its near-infinite world and the freedom to build almost anything. As YouTube grew, many gradually built their channels around the construction aspect of the title.

To this day, hundreds of YouTubers constantly come up with new building ideas and tutorials for millions of gamers.

Most Helpful Minecraft YouTubers for Building Tips in 2022

While there are hundreds of YouTubers posting content like this, here are the five to create tips this year:

5) Rizial

Rizzial is one of the most consistent YouTubers who has been mostly creating building tutorial videos since the beginning. He started his channel in 2016 with tutorials and building tips. To this day, he publishes building tips and tutorial videos to help millions of users.

Players can check out the channel here.

4) Zaypixels

Zaypixel is a new and rising YouTuber who has been creating tutorials and building tips since 2020. She has quickly gained popularity with her soothing and cozy videos. She records her building tutorials with relaxing music and shaders to make the game look better.

Players can check out the channel here.

3) TrixyBlox

TrixyBlox is a well-known YouTuber known for his beautiful timelapse involving the construction of some of the biggest structures in Minecraft. They have been making videos for about eight years and have been committed to creating videos. Players can learn a lot by watching their videos on building mega structures.

Players can check out the channel here.

2) Jumbo Weevil

Mumbo Jumbo is a YouTuber who needs no introduction. Millions of gamers come to this YouTube channel whenever they need help with anything redstone gear. He is one of the most famous YouTubers for redstone gear builds.

Players can check out the channel here.

1) Grian

Grian is considered one of the best YouTubers for creating tips and tutorials. It has many videos giving basic and valuable information to players to improve their builds. He is also known for his Hermitcraft server series, where he builds various structures.

Players can check out the channel here.

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