5 Best Minecraft Modpacks For Servers (2022)


Players may be familiar with using mods in Minecraft to change the way their game looks or works. Mods are fun additions to the game that can change how any particular aspect of the game works. Modpacks are collections of mods that match a theme for players.

Explore these Minecraft modpacks for servers in 2022

These packs are best for players with regular vanilla Minecraft servers looking for something different to spruce things up. The good news is that modpacks are a great way to do this and installing them on a server is easy. Players need to follow a few different steps. They will then have their operational mods for their new adventure on their Minecraft server.

1) RLCraft

Players looking to change up their Minecraft server experience can take it to the next level with RLCraft. This “real” version of Minecraft will feature more realistic graphics and new mechanics for players to follow.

These can be things like thirst, temperature, and lack of healing from food. This can be quite interesting for players looking for a more challenging experience. This module also offers:

  • The dragons aren’t very realistic, but players will love having roaming dragons.
  • Quests, which players can undertake to add more life to their worlds.

Players may find it much harder to survive in this world, but one thing is certain, it changes the feeling of Minecraft and turns it into a whole new game. Players can download this modpack here.

2) Regrowth

Players looking to regrow the world around them will find Regrowth to be a great mod pack to add to their world. Players with this mod will be able to configure their villagers and animals to act in a certain way and help push the world back.

The mod is ready to go out of the box, but players can customize the actions to be more in tune with what they are looking for. Actions may include:

  • Villagers repair holes, remove debris and other plants as well as cut grass.
  • Animals can be configured to eat grass and other plants and fertilize the world.

Players may also want to add it to another modpack, as it can help by combining with certain mods. However, progress may be a bit slower with this mod, so players may want to be more careful about how they start at the start of the game. Players can download the mod here.

3) Pixelmon

Pokemon and Minecraft fans will fall in love with the Pixelmon modpack. Combining the best of both worlds, this mod introduces the world of Pokemon into a player’s game.

It works because the player can explore the world and find Pokemon, just like they would in a real Pokemon game. They can then battle those Pokémon against others in a well done in-game way.

  • Players can find different Pokémon in different biomes.
  • Players can even find Shiny and Legendary Pokémon.

Players can search for their favorite Pokemon on the Pixelmon Wiki and learn more about them like where to find them, their abilities, etc. Players looking to download this mod pack can do so. here.

4) Skyfactory 4

Skyfactory 4 is for gamers who are fans of Skyblock, and it puts a big spin on the Minecraft map genre. Players on this map will start out with a bit of land with a tree, which is standard for Skyblock.

The goal here is for players to slowly expand their island and eventually have everything they need, including food, shelter, tools, and other blocks. Players can expect the following:

  • Players will use resource trees to select the resources they need.
  • Players will be assigned goals to complete to help them progress through the game.

Once players get started and have a good system in place, it will be easier for them to get resources and survive on their little island in the sky than they originally thought. Players can download the modpack here.

5) Agricultural Valley

Farming Valley is a great modpack that can offer players a hybrid world of Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon for players looking for something different and more relaxing. This modpack is for players who want to build their small farm and have fun harvesting and growing their crops as they please.

  • Players must first progress to obtain a goddess who will tell them what to do.
  • Players can farm during all four seasons.
  • This is very different from normal Minecraft and will ultimately be based around creating a large farm and selling items for cash and profit.

This modpack can create a game that looks entirely new. It’s very different from the normal world player style in Minecraft, so for players looking to slow down and take a break, it’s a great choice. Players can download the mod here.

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