18 schools in Kozhikode district to get weather stations



Eighteen schools in Kozhikode district will receive weather stations as part of a new Samagra Shiksha Kerala (SSK) project being implemented across the state. SSK AK District Coordinator Abdul Hakeem said Kerala was the first state to implement such a project, which would enable school students to have a deeper understanding of weather conditions as climate change.

“At a time when we are experiencing continuous flooding, which climate change is to some extent responsible for, there is a need for our children to know more about the phenomenon,” Mr. Hakeem said.

The weather stations, installed at a total cost of ₹10 lakhs in 18 government schools which have geography as an optional subject, will have 13 pieces of equipment including rain gauge, wind wave, thermometer, monitor and weather data bank . Students will be able to observe the measurement of rain, wind speed and atmospheric temperature and record it scientifically. Primary data will be uploaded to the School Wiki and details will be available on the SSK website. This will make it possible to decentralize the analysis and the meteorological study and thus to warn the public in the event of an emergency situation.

The schools under the project are GHSS Chalappuram; GHSS Koduvally; GHSS, Koyilandy; GCHSS, Atholi; SGMHS, Kozhikode; GHSS, Kunduparamba; GHSS, Kuttiady; GVHSS, Madappally; GGHSS, Madappally; JNMHSS, Putuppanam; GHSS, Mavoor; GHSS Kuttikkator; GHSS Meppayyur; GHSS Kayanna; GHSS, Velliyode; GHSS, Valayam; GHSS, Parambil; and GHSS, Naduvannur.


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