10 things we just learned about the Rover P5B


Big, brash and with an American-sourced V8 engine, the Rover P5B is an original British classic cruiser that evolved from the original P5, a car created to take on the luxurious Jaguar MK VII as a vehicle of low-volume prestige that would appeal to those who knew and wanted, quality. Only sold as an automatic, due to the engine’s high torque, the Rover P5B was often referred to as a sleeper car for its time, such as a quick glance at the leather seats, wood trim and the exterior rather puffy. divert all attention from the 3.5-liter Buick engine that lurks under the expansive hood.

After falling out of favor and out of favor, along with some of its most famous political owners, the Rover P5B has recovered from a period of financial gloom and neglect, with restored examples now cherished as prices soar. . A fantastic classic car that still has plenty to offer a new generation of enthusiasts, here are 10 things we just learned about the Rover P5B classic car.

A very British muscle car

Looking exactly like the automotive equivalent of a British Bulldog with short legs and jowls, the Rover P5B sported brash bodywork, Rostyle wheels, and an interior adorned with leather and wood that made it feel to be a closed stately home on wheels.

Loved by owners, the P5B stands apart from other European or British offerings by pairing an American-sourced V8 engine with one of the finest vehicles Rover has ever offered, creating a one-of-a-kind sports saloon.

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B is for Buick

Even though the engine is a Rover unit, its origins come from Buick as at the time the British manufacturer could not afford to develop a new engine further and hence opted for the well known American mass used in their musculature. sedan.

Heavily revised for its new purpose, the all-aluminum engine has been beefed up and modified to generate 160 hp with 210 lb-ft of torque, giving the P5B a much-appreciated boost in outright performance.

Not really that fast

Considered quite fast in its day, the Rover P5B isn’t really that fast because, due to its heavy weight of over 3,300 pounds and the weak 160hp V8, the upgrade was a bargain long enough with 60 mph coming in 12 seconds.

With the throttle pinned, the heavy Rover P5B stretched its legs at 110 mph, but took over 50 seconds to build up speed. Compared to American muscle cars of the time, it wasn’t very capable, but offered quick transportation around Europe.

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The Upper Class Express

The Rover P5B carried over the opulent interior finish of previous models, which featured large, comfortably upholstered chairs, beautifully finished polished woodwork and deep pile carpeting, making all occupants feel like someone special.

Fielded for both the British Royal Family, Prime Ministers and Heads of State, the Rover P5B has been a highly respected driver of those in power for over twenty years thanks to its luxury finish and comfortable ride. .

A dazzling success

Over the six years of manufacture, Rover displaced over twenty thousand P5Bs in saloon and coupé form, with executives setting a modest initial target of selling less than a third of that respective body type.

Highly refined and competitively priced, the P5B has been snapped up by those seeking both comfort and a fast pace, with cars being put into service for weddings, chauffeur services and as high-end family transport. white-collar leadership.

He’ll rally and run, watch out

Amateur racers could see past all the glitz and glamor bestowed on the P5B to see a car with huge racing potential, and once stripped down and with some engine tweaks it proved to be a dirt racer reliable and relatively fast.

During its lifetime, when prices had dropped to give price, the P5B made a name for itself as a capable banger racer thanks to its tank-like build quality and rigid structure, proving to be a force to be reckoned with in shunts and crushes.

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From the outset the Rover P5 and later the P5B were designed and built to last, no compromises were cut in its production as the cars had to compete with cars, like rival British marque Jaguar, built to the highest quality levels.

Having taken the Buick V8 in a direction that suited Rover, the P5B featured suspension, gearbox and driveline components that proved reliable and durable, with many cars still using original equipment.

Can’t give them

Discontinued in 1973, the Rover P5B first found a welcome home on the second-hand market where the cars proved popular and would hold their value but, by the end of the 1980s, they were seen as dated and old-fashioned, which caused their values ​​to fall.

At one time a Rover P5B in fairly average condition could be purchased for as little as $1500, with lesser-valued examples being dropped by owners for as little as $500, the cost of restoring and running them exceeding any potential resale value.

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They like to rust

Like many cars of this period, the P5B is a magnet for rust, over-engineered bodywork and chassis, creating hard-to-remediate pockets of rot that can only be corrected with extensive stripping and very expensive treatment. .

Brilliant work is also very sensitive and due to the now scarcity of correct replacement items the only option is to restore and rechrome items so they can be reused, again a costly and time consuming activity which causes many headaches.

You can cook the engine

This powerful V8 at the heart of the beast will need regular maintenance to keep it in top condition, with oil change intervals of 3000 miles recommended. Engines are also prone to overheating and catastrophic failure, requiring a complete rebuild.

The brake system, constantly overloaded from having to deal with such a heavy car, will most likely fail, which then leaves the owner with the proposition of a four-figure rebuild cost due to the scarcity of replacement components.

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